Single men: here’s how to make her your friend with benefits

Believe it or not, there’s a lot of twenty-something-year-old girls who actually prefer this!

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—-Important Message From Amber—-

Single Men: here’s how to make her your FWB (friend with benefits)

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Hi I’m Amber…

And a FWB is a girl you bang regularly…without any long term relationship BS…

It’s just pure, no strings attached sex… every week or so… with NO effort on your part.

Sounds like a dream come true, right?

And believe it or not, there are women out there like me who PREFER this arrangement…

And I’ll show you exactly why!

Here’s why young women prefer a FWB — and how you can become the man she needs and wants (without any of the hassle)


Why 1000s of men keep eating this 1 veggie every day

Can eating one vegetable keep us out of the hospital and extend life 20 or 30 additional years?

I recommend this vegetable for

  • Detoxifying estrogen from the gut
  • Sterilizing the gut
  • Increasing bile production
  • Reducing endotoxin

Let me explain how it works so well.

High estrogen increases inflammation plus stress hormones, AND suppresses the thyroid…

So it’s important to reduce estrogen in the body.

I’ve always talked about the importance of a sterile gut.

That’s because bacterial overload is linked to many diseases, such as gastrointestinal problems, heart disease, and many others.

Bile plays a crucial role in digestion. Bile production improves the body’s ability to detoxify and balance hormones.

Increasing bile production also optimizes the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K in the small intestine.

And finally, endotoxin is a complete poison for your digestive system and your body.

It not only causes many health problems, but chronic excess can even lead to death.

These are the reasons why I recommend eating carrot salad.

And they are backed by science as well.

To prove that, I have 2 studies to show you today.

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This study was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

The researchers told a group of healthy volunteers to add 200 grams of raw carrots to their morning breakfast every day.

Then they looked at the effect of the carrots’ fiber on health.

They were asked to change nothing else in their lives.

After 3 weeks, they took new blood and stool tests to compare with previous tests.

The results were as follows:

Their cholesterol levels decreased.

“Two hundred grams of raw carrot eaten at breakfast each day for 3 weeks significantly reduced serum cholesterol by 11%”

Their bile acid secretion increased, and their stools were heavier.

“(…) increased fecal bile acid and fat excretion by 50%, and modestly increased stool weight by 25%. This suggests an associated change in bacterial flora or metabolism

So this means that the carrot salad helps to remove excess hormones and cholesterol from the intestine…

…while also helping digestion by increasing bile production.

This second study is about the antimicrobial effects of carrots.

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This study was published in the Journal of Applied Bacteriology.

The researchers of this study gathered to evaluate the antimicrobial properties of carrots.

They gave shredded carrots to various microorganisms, including very notorious ones like Candida and E. coli, in special conditions.

The results showed that raw carrots are a particularly good antimicrobial agent.

“Purified ethanolic extracts of peeled and shredded carrots showed an antimicrobial effect against a range of food-borne microorganisms”

They suggested that this may be due to some saturated fatty acids in the carrot.

“Free saturated fatty acid (dodecanoic acid) and methyl esters of saturated fatty acids (of dodecanoic and pentadecanoic acids) were identified in purified active extracts of carrots by gas chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry and could be responsible for the antimicrobial activity.”

Carrot salad really works!

The people around me to whom I recommend it are also grateful for this recipe.

When making the carrot salad, you should first shred the carrots vertically, then wash them and rinse them until the beta-carotene content is reduced.

Add coconut oil and white vinegar to increase the antimicrobial properties and eat it on an empty stomach.

And keep in mind, it’s always better to introduce new things slowly. Don’t overdo it in the beginning.

You can start with 2 to 3 times a week, and then if it’s working increase gradually.

—-Important Message—-

Are you tired of feeling sluggish, bloated, and weighed down by toxins?

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