Should you try this “overeat 5 days in a row” diet?

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These men ate pizza, cookies, burgers, fries, and anything else they wanted for 5 days straight – here’s what happened to them…

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Should you try this “overeat for 5 days in a row” diet?

I love holidays. Especially holidays that revolve around food – like Thanksgiving here in America.

And I used to feel SO guilty when I would sit down at the meal and eat turkey and stuffing and all the fixings of a traditional Thanksgiving feast – because I ate so much.

But this guilt trip is just one more thing that the research I do every day has pretty much debunked.

It’s not that overeating isn’t bad. It’s not a good idea to overfeed yourself on a regular basis.

On the other hand, starving yourself by massively cutting calories has its own major set of problems.

It’s way better to eat REAL food in moderate amounts.

But the reality is that humans have been feasting for short durations during celebrations and holiday times for thousands of years. Probably since we’ve existed.

Because of that, it turns out our bodies are pretty well adapted to this cycle of “feast” eating…

So there is no need to feel guilty for eating a lot during “feast” seasons.

This is great news for me because I really love food during the holidays…especially a great lamb roast.

This study had people “overfeed” for 5 days or 28 days – the difference is remarkable.

This was a small study, but it’s consistent with patterns I’ve seen with my students and with myself.

In this study, they divided a group of healthy young men into two groups.

The first group overate for 5 days and the other for 28 days.

“Researchers from Deakin University in Australia studied a small group of healthy, lean men with an average age of 22. Volunteers participated in a short-term trial consisting of five days ‘indicative of humans overeating during festivals and holidays’ and a long-term model of chronic overeating lasting 28 days.”

As you would think, the men who chronically overate for the 28-day period ended up gaining weight.

They also ended up with blood sugar problems – which can be an early sign of diabetes.

“Chronic overeating increased the amount of total body fat and visceral fat as well as post-meal blood sugar and C-peptide levels.”

But the men (who were fit to begin with) who only overate for 5 days, didn’t have a problem with gaining weight or with their blood sugar levels.

“Although the amount of visceral fat that surrounds internal organs increased substantially, short-term overeating did not have a significant effect on the men’s weight or fat mass. In addition, fasting levels of blood sugar and C-peptide – an amino acid the body releases in response to increased production of insulin – did not change.”

Although it did add to the fat surrounding their organs, my guess is that (though this study didn’t say so) that fat went away pretty quickly as they returned to normal eating patterns.

So this tells me that if I occasionally overindulge at holiday times it’s okay.

My body can normally handle that, especially if I’m healthy to begin with.

But what I’ve been saying about regular consumption of too much fat is still true.

Even though the men on the overeating regimen did gain weight, their ability to process glucose remained the same – although it would probably get worse if they sustained this level of food intake.

“However, it did not alter fasting blood sugar levels, endogenous glucose production or the rate of glucose removal from the body (glucose disposal). This may be because the nutrient profile in the long-term trial was consistent with a typical diet and dietary fat percentages did not increase.”

The researchers believe that this is because they didn’t have a lot of extra fat in their extra calorie intake.

Long-term overindulgence in fatty foods, instead of more nutritionally balanced foods, may be an important factor that causes rapid changes in blood sugar control.”

The bottom line is that eating too much over a sustained period of time is bad for your health and can cause negative metabolic changes.

And adding a high-fat diet to that mix can speed up the negative effects.

If you’re trying to change your eating patterns, it’s a good idea to lower your fat intake first.

THEN start eating less food gradually (but don’t ever starve yourself by going super low-calorie).

This way, you’ll start getting health benefits right away. And it’s much easier than trying to adjust everything at once.

And, again, if you want to indulge short-term on holidays, then go ahead. It’s not likely to hurt you in the long run.

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