Shocking reason why scientists had to stop this fish oil experiment

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Most men are taking fish oil and thinking it’s good for them…

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They actually had to end the study early because it was doing more harm than good!

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Shocking reason why scientists had to stop this fish oil experiment

Omega-3 polyunsaturated fats like those in fish oil suppress the immune system — they have numerous harmful effects on the cardiovascular system and the brain.

Yet fish oil supplements are still some of the best selling items in the health food store.

And to this day, despite all of the previous warnings, researchers are still experimenting with fish oil in dangerous situations.

Recently doctors tried giving omega-3s from fish oil to people about to undergo surgery to place a stent in the blood vessels around the heart.

This is a process called carotid artery stenting, which expands blood vessels.

The research had to be stopped due to some patients developing stroke in the omega-3 group.

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The human research was carried out at the Shiraz University of Medical Sciences in Iran.

The report was published by the Iranian Journal of Neurology.

Fish oil contains a couple of highly unsaturated fats called omega-3s. 

These fats are claimed to have many health benefits — but in fact they are extremely dangerous.

This study was designed to assess the alleged benefits of these fats during carotid artery stent implantation.

The researchers believed that omega-3s could reduce the risk of ischemia — something which can happen after this surgery.

Ischemia is the blood flow and oxygen restriction which can cause stroke.

“We aimed to study the possible beneficial effects of omega-3s in carotid artery stenting for decreasing post-procedural ischemic complications.”

The researchers recruited 60 patients.

All the patients were set to undergo surgery to implant a stent in their coronary artery.

Before the surgery, half of the patients were assigned to the experimental omega-3 group.

In the experimental group, patients would receive 3000mg of omega-3 fatty acids 12 hours before the surgery. 

Those folks were also due to get another 1000mg of omega-3 fatty acids the day after surgery.

“30 patients were scheduled for a 3g loading dose of omega-3s 12 hours before the procedure and 1g omega-3 the day after the procedure.”

But the researchers never got to finish their experiment. 

The procedures had to be terminated before everyone had gone through their operation.

Some people in the omega-3 group were having another type of stroke right after their procedures.

“We ended the study after the enrollment of 18 patients because of an unexpected hemorrhagic transformation in the omega-3 group.”

A hemorrhagic stroke occurs when blood vessels burst — this causes oxygen deprivation in the brain — AKA stroke.

These were “transformations” or reactivations of previous strokes.

“Two patients in this group developed hemorrhagic symptoms less than 12 hours after the procedure.”

Only 8 patients in the omega 3 group had had their procedures when the experiment was halted. Two of them had strokes.

At the same time 10 people had surgery in the control group (no omega-3) — and they were all fine.

In one case, an 82-year-old man taking omega-3 supplements developed a stroke about 8 hours after surgery.

“He remained well until 8 hours after the stenting procedure, when he developed a headache and right-side weakness. Scans showed a rim of hemorrhagic transformation at the periphery of the old stroke lesion.”

An old stroke had begun bleeding. Luckily the doctors were able to help him.

He was due his second dose of omega 3 fats a few hours after he had his stroke.

The timing may have been lucky.

The second case was a 73-year-old woman.

“Twelve hours after the stenting procedure, the patient presented with convulsion, severe delusions, and urinary incontinence.”

Clear signs of stroke — which were confirmed by scans. Again — bleeding caused the stroke.

“Brain scans showed hemorrhage in bilateral occipital areas.”

Time and again good research contradicts the dogma that omega 3 fats — those found in fish oil — are healthy.

I avoid these fats entirely!

The researchers came to the conclusion that their theory was wrong — that in reality omega-3 fats actually increase stroke risk.

“In patients already receiving dual antiplatelet treatment before stent surgery, adding omega-3 fats would increase the incidence of hemorrhagic transformation.”

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner about treating and diagnosing health-related problems.

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Effectiveness and safety of omega-3 fatty acids for the prevention of ischemic complications following carotid artery stenting: An early terminated pilot study