Shining this light in your mouth can save you thousands at the dentist

Beauty innovation. Light therapy. Skin rejuvenation.

Weird but true — here’s how it works…

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Shining this light in your mouth can save you thousands at the dentist

Red light therapy (or low level light therapy, LLLT) has been gaining in popularity over the past decade.

The reason is simple: it has therapeutic benefits for nearly every disease or pathology known to man.

Shining red light at specific wavelengths on various parts of the human body for a few minutes is basically all that LLLT is.

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“Low level light/laser therapy (LLLT) is the direct application of light to stimulate cell responses (photobiomodulation) in order to promote tissue healing, reduce inflammation and induce analgesia.” – Carroll et al. (2014)

One application of red light therapy which may not be as obvious is its therapeutic use for oral health.

Many people suffer from degenerative oral diseases involving inflammation and deterioration of gum tissues in the oral cavity.

This process is referred to as periodontal disease.

Certain therapies such as antibiotics can be helpful, along with other dentist procedures.

However, these approaches offer little hope towards reversing the degenerative process.

The use of light and lasers for therapeutic purposes in periodontal diseases is a potential solution to this conundrum:

“The potential benefits of LLLT that have been demonstrated in many healthcare fields and include improved healing, reduced inflammation and pain control, which suggest considerable potential for its use in oral tissues.” – Carroll et al. (2014)

Several references specific to the use of red light therapy for oral health can be found in Ari Whitten’s The Ultimate Guide to Red Light Therapy. 

A few of the uses for which red light therapy has proven useful:

  • Viral and bacterial infections of the mouth
  • Pain/Sensitivity
  • Gum disease and gingivitis
  • Periodontal disease
  • Candidiasis

There were even more, which serves to illustrate the range of possible applications.

Red light therapy can be a powerful tool to help treat a variety of oral health issues.

A paper reviewed 153 articles pertaining to the topic of application of LLLT in dentistry:

“Of all the publications, 130 reported a positive effect in terms of pain relief, fast healing or other improvement in symptoms or appearance and 23 reported inconclusive or negative outcomes.” – Carroll et al. (2014)

This is very encouraging, because in the intervening years, even more progress has been made.

Red light therapy devices are now so affordable that virtually anyone can implement red light therapy in the comfort of their own homes.

In practical terms, red light therapy for the oral cavity would simply require using a red light device a few inches away from the jaw or the mouth.

Red light can pass through the skin and treat inside the oral cavities.

There are no precise guidelines, but several references including Ari Whitten’s book can be very informative.

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