Shiitake — the belly fat solution for men

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Studies show men who eat shiitake mushrooms this can reduce belly fat 

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Shiitake — the belly fat solution for men

The shiitake is an edible, medicinal mushroom native to East Asia.

Today the mushroom is grown all over the world for its flavor and health benefits. 

But the Chinese have been cultivating this food for over 800 years.

Shiitake is a potent anti-inflammatory. 

Animal studies have proven that it can help with symptoms of inflammatory bowel disorders.

Recently, scientists were testing the effect of vitamin D on obesity in mice. 

The study included a group of mice that were also given shiitake mushroom.

The researchers were surprised to find that shiitake alone was very effective at preventing weight gain.

The results indicate that shiitake mushroom can prevent weight gain by lowering inflammation.

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These researchers did animal experiments at Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel. BMC Gastroenterology published the findings. 

They designed this study to investigate the effects of vitamin D on obesity. 

The findings on the effects of shiitake mushroom were secondary.

Mushrooms contain ergosterol. Ergosterol can be converted into vitamin D in the body. 

In the experiments, the researchers used four different groups of mice.

They put all of the mice on a high-fat diet – and allowed them to eat as much as they wanted.

“The mice were weighed weekly and fed in a liberal, restriction-free, commercially available high-fat diet.”

Eating like this makes mice obese and inflamed.

One group of mice received a vitamin D supplement throughout the experiment.

A second group of mice received vitamin D plus dried shiitake mushroom extract (human equivalent of 2 gm).

They gave a third group of mice dried shiitake mushroom extract (human equivalent of 2 gm) without the vitamin D. 

They didn’t give the fourth group (control group) any supplements at all.

Shiitake mushroom supplements led to some encouraging results. 

  • Significantly less weight gain.

“At week 25, there was a decrease in the percentage of total body fat between the control group and all three treatment groups.”

  • Improved blood sugar levels.

“From week 3 and throughout all of the experiment, the three treatment groups showed a statistically significant decrease in the average serum glucose levels, compared to the control group.”

  • Improved liver enzymes, decreased liver fat, and improved blood lipids.

Other tests may reveal why the shiitake mushroom was so effective at limiting the metabolic damage caused by a high-fat diet.

A number of inflammatory markers are heavily involved in obesity and type 2 diabetes.

And shiitake mushroom is a well-known anti-inflammatory. 

So the researchers also tested the levels of obesity-related inflammatory markers.

Shiitake mushroom blocked most of the inflammation caused by the poor diet.

TNFα, IL-1α, and IL-1β are the inflammatory proteins implicated in obesity.

“A significant reduction was noted in pro-inflammatory cytokines serum levels in all three treated groups – TNFα, IL-1α, and IL-1β.”

So this study shows that shiitake mushroom extract could help with obesity, insulin resistance, AND liver damage.

“We found a beneficial effect of shiitake motion extracts in alleviating liver damage and insulin resistance in a mouse model of fatty liver disease. A synergistic effect was noted on body fat accumulation.”

Most mushrooms are toxic if prepared incorrectly. 

The shiitake mushroom is no exception – though it is much less toxic than most other mushrooms.

Shiitake contains small amounts of agaratine, which can harm the liver. Agaratine is removed by evaporation.

Cooking shiitake mushrooms in an open cooking vessel under an extractor will remove the small amounts of agaratine in the mushroom.

Cooked mushrooms will keep for four to five days in the refrigerator and can be reheated and added to meals for flavor.

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner about diagnosing and treating any health-related problems.

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Attenuating the rate of total body fat accumulation and alleviating liver damage by oral administration of vitamin D-enriched edible mushrooms in a diet-induced obesity murine model is mediated by an anti-inflammatory paradigm shift