Serrapeptase is a health revolution

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Exploring serrapeptase and erectile dysfunction.
Here’s today’s question of the day.

What is a super-safe supplement that can help to heal many, many things?

It heals wounds, destroys blood clots SAFELY,  and slashes arthritis pain.

The supllement lowers swelling, removes fibrosis and plaque, and reduces mucus in your body.

For the answer, we have to look at the lowly silkworm.

The silkworm has a bacteria that lives in its gut.

This bacteria secretes an enzyme called serrapeptase.

Serrapeptase eats through the silkworm’s rock-hard cocoon.

The enzyme is a chemical factory that grabs a hold of a dead piece of fiber or protein, breaks it down, and then goes looking for another one.

But it leaves living tissue alone and ONLY goes after dead tissue.

This is how it helps the silkworm break down that rock solid cocoon without damaging the worm itself.

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One of the pioneering researchers in serrapeptase used it to clear arteries that were clogged with blood clots.

This is especially useful for the carotid arteries which had blood clots and which cannot be surgically removed.

Since then, serrapeptase has had some excellent research done on it — all of which have revealed fantastic benefits!

They found out about serrapeptase erectile dysfunction.

But for all of these benefits, it’s not in yet in common use.

You won’t find many doctors who even know what it is.

That’s because there are no drug companies salespeople hammering away at the doctor, trying to get him to prescribe serrapeptase.

There’s not enough money in it for the pharmaceutical companies.

While it’s not the cheapest supplement in the world, it isn’t expensive either.

But that turns out to be good news for you since you can buy it without a prescription.

And I’ll tell you in this newsletter how I would suggest you try it.

To see the great benefit of serrapeptase, let’s look at this study.

Researchers tested serrapeptase in people that had surgery on their ankle joints.

They took people who had surgery, and they divided them up into three groups.

One group received serrapeptase.

The second group was given instructions to elevate their ankle.

And the third group was told to put ice packs on.

serrapeptase erectile dysfunction

In the group receiving Serrapeptase, the swelling had decreased by 50% on the third post-operative day…

…while in the other two control groups (elevation of the leg, bed rest, with and without the application of ice) no reduction in swelling had occurred at that time.

So three days after the surgery, most of the participants had seen no improvement… except for those patients who were taking the serrapeptase.

This is just the beginning of serrapeptase and erectile dysfunction.

Remember, serrapeptase has huge effects in the body.

It can be used for so much.

Serrapeptase often gets rid of pain often as well as aspirin or ibuprofen.

It helps to eliminate fibroids and does a lot of good for artery health.

Plus, it reduces and eliminates components of swelling maybe even better.

Now, it’s not a quick fix… but nothing that truly works ever is.

You do have to take it for a while.

Some people report that they have to take it for a month or two to see the effect.

Others see the effect after a few days.

Also, it’s important that you take serrapeptase on an empty stomach.

You need to take it at least two hours after eating, and one hour before eating.

The reason is that if you don’t take it on an empty stomach, it will simply digest your food, and won’t enter your body.

It’s just that good at its job.

Most people will start out with 40,000 or 50,000 units per day, split up into several doses.

Then they will work their way up to 150,000 to 200,000 units per day.

And people can take serrapeptase for quite a few issues.

Some people take it for arthritis pain.

Others are trying it to eliminate penile fibrosis.

I’d love to hear your success story with serrapeptase.

As always, speak your doctor before you’re trying anything new.

And you may want to try small quantities first, to make sure that your body tolerates serrapeptase.

Most people tolerate it well.

But it’s always smart when you’re trying something new to start out with small quantities and make sure that your body doesn’t react badly.

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Reduction of postoperative swelling. Objective measurement of swelling of the upper ankle joint in treatment with serrapeptase-- a prospective study

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