Self-pleasuring raises estrogen levels

Here’s a question that we’re answering today.

What effects does masturbating have on men’s hormones?

The study used data from men who were donating sperm at a sperm bank.

This was very convenient for the study authors.

But it also means that the study only covered younger men.

The men were quite young — just 20 years old.

Another cool thing about the study is that they had a group of men who simply thought erotic thoughts.

The researchers referred to this as “sham masturbation”.

The “sham masturbation” group acted as the control group.

And the men who were sperm bank donors were the active study group.

The researchers then compared the hormone levels between these two groups.

2016-05-03_11-52-05Basically, you can think of masturbation as a way of stimulating the adrenal gland.

Most men think that testosterone is produced in the testicles.

But that’s not how it works.

The authors point out that most testosterone is actually produced in the adrenal glands.

And researchers saw that all of the adrenal hormones shot up in the sperm donor group.

So the group that masturbated had an increase in all of the adrenal hormones.

Here’s a chart showing some of the increases in hormone levels right after masturbation:

2016-05-03_13-43-55There is a little bit of an increase in some hormones and much more of an increase in others.

For example, testosterone increased after masturbation.

But more about that in a moment.

All of the adrenal hormones went up.

For example, allopregnanolone went up quite a lot.

Estrogen went up a bit.

You may notices that they spell it oestrone and oestradiol here.

This is the British spelling for estrone and estradiol.

These are two forms of estrogen.

And cortisol levels go up a lot.

But here is a very surprising fact hidden in the results.

They noticed something different about the men who masturbated for a longer period before ejaculation.

Testosterone levels for these men did not rise very much.

Sometimes they even stayed the same… or even fell. 

It seems that masturbation only stimulates testosterone when one is in the act of “rubbing it out”.

A very popular practice today with Internet porn is called “edging.”

In edging, the man masturbates short of ejaculation.

He does this repeatedly and maintains a aroused state for a long time, often hours.

It seems like this would raise testosterone levels rather than lower them.

But that wasn’t the case.

I have a study on the difference between partner sex and masturbation.

But I’ll discuss that with you at another time.

I did want to show you is this very important study on masturbation.

What are we to make of this?

Partner sex is probably the most important activity that you can have in your life.

If you can’t have that, masturbation isn’t even a poor second.

Anything involving people, especially women, is incredibly healthy and valuable.

It can be any activity such as dancing, socializing, hiking… anything at all,

But if you do masturbate, you are stimulating your adrenal gland.

It may not be a bad thing if you only do it now and then.

Some men do have trouble with masturbation, as it dissipates their testosterone every time they ejaculate.

And edging without ejaculation seems more damaging.

Watching porn without masturbating seems to be very disruptive on male sexual function.

But ordinary run-of-the-mill ejaculation now and then with orgasm through masturbation may be a helpful thing.

But only if you’re alone and have no other choice.

And never to porn.




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Endocrine effects of masturbation in men 
1. Does Masturbation Increase Estrogen? 
Masturbation, or self pleasuring, is quite different than sexual intercourse because the hormonal patterns from masturbation are very different from partner sex.All sex is a marvelous combination of hormonal, physiological, and psychological events. And what most people do not realize is that the hormonal results from masturbation or intercourse can last for 1 to 2 weeks after the event.And for men who masturbate, it is not necessary to ejaculate. Even the practice known as “edging” to porn, can have a very powerful hormonal effect on a man even if he does not ejaculate or have an orgasm.It turns out that masturbation can lower testosterone levels and can increase estrogen levels. Masturbation increases hormones such as vasopressin and prolactin. And these often go up when estrogen levels go up in the male body.There have been very few studies that I am aware of that show masturbation directly increases estrogen, but we can infer that it does from the increases in prolactin and vasopressin that occur after masturbation. Also, in the male body, the hormone oxytocin creates long-lasting and powerful erections. Oxytocin usually does not increase when a man masturbates. However, with partner sex, oxytocin can increase in the mail body and can provide numerous benefits probably including lowering estrogen. 

2. Does Masturbation increase Testosterone? 
There has been frequent advice to athletes in the past not to masturbate before the big game or before the big event. And there is a lot of merit to this advice. Because it turns out that masturbation lowers testosterone for about one week. Testosterone levels will then come back to what they were about a week ago.I don’t know of any research that has been done for a man who masturbates every day or several times a day, but I would imagine that it probably lowers testosterone and raises estrogen over the long run as well as the short run. The body does not have a chance to recover from testosterone levels with frequent masturbation.That said, some men will encounter a temporary increase in libido if they have been sexually inactive and have not had sexual thoughts or contact with sexual partners or contact even with prospective sexual partners. Men who are deeply immersed in their studies or work may ignore their sexuality for a while. At that point when they begin fantasizing and begin masturbating, they may increase their testosterone temporarily. However, masturbation quickly will lower testosterone levels and keep them low depending on the frequency of masturbation. 

3. Does watching porn raise estrogen levels? 
Watching porn seems to have the same effects as masturbating to porn. The worst practice of all seems to be “edging” to porn, which is the process of getting aroused but not reaching orgasm, and maintaining that around state for hours at a time.All of these practices including porn watching, watching porn and masturbating, or watching porn and edging, can in fact raise estrogen levels.One of the effects of porn in all of its forms and uses is to convince the brain that watching people have sex is a pleasurable activity. The brain in some areas of its massively complex organ does not know the difference between what you watch and what you do.And yet there is a great difference. Porn use seems to lead to erectile dysfunction from many men and raises their estrogen levels and lowers testosterone levels. Partner sex actually is the reverse. It can increase testosterone levels and lower estrogen levels.That’s because sex is much more than just a physical activity and release. There are many positive effects of partner sex that are missing in porn sex.One of the chief hormones of happiness, love and contentment is oxytocin. Oxytocin also allows a man to feel fulfillment and connection with a partner. Oxytocin leads to long-lasting high-quality erections. In porn use, oxytocin does not rise and may even fall.Many inflammatory and stress hormones increase with masturbation to porn such as cortisol and estrogen. These hormones plus others such as serotonin and histamine, probably increase over time with porn watching and contribute to the negative effects. 

4. How are masturbation and estrogen related
Estrogen, the primary female sex hormone is what regulates and manages the development of the female reproductive system. Though Estrogen is usually considered to be predominant in women, Men have estrogen too but at lower levels. Females have a higher level. Women have testosterone too in that note, but simply at lower levels. Both testosterone and estrogen is basically present in everyone.Masturbation is often considered a normal sexual activity; most people do explore it, sometimes as sexual exploration and sometimes out of curiosity. It gives pleasure and relieves stress. Many report finding more fun in their sexual lives with mutual exploration through masturbation. But what if something becomes so addictive as to become an excess? Even though that can cause some health issues like energy drainage or weakness, it does not directly affect the Testosterone levels in the short term.Interestingly, excessive masturbation can cause psychological effects which can hamper the Testosterone levels. Often, an individual can feel guilt, whenever they masturbate. This can be due to societal or interpersonal pressures. Often it is asked if Masturbation has a direct effect on Testosterone levels. Some medical studies have shown that too much Masturbation can affect physical health. But the direct effect on testosterone in a way where it decreases or causes an imbalance is still a topic of much confusion. Testosterone levels rises naturally during masturbation or sex, but normalizes after an orgasm.But does Masturbation increase estrogen?Interestingly normal masturbation does not have a direct effect on Testosterone. But some studies, especially done on rats have found that excessive masturbation can cause in the increase of estrogen receptors. Frequent and excessive masturbation has been found to affect the natural ability of the androgen receptors in utilizing testosterone. Is this a cause of concern? Quite so, if you remember the old adage – Anything in Excess can be harmful.According to some studies where the levels of Testosterone significantly fall below a certain amount, Estrogen levels may peak up. Estrogen is usually known to suppress Testosterone levels. Not many know, but Transgender or men who are medically turning from male to female or usually administered Estradiol, which is a kind of Estrogen.In women, estrogen levels peak when they masturbate or have an orgasm much like testosterone in men. It is normal and natural. But the true confusion is often found in the psychological barriers that inhibit men from finding mental comfort and enjoying masturbation than the hype of impotency or sexual problems, due to masturbation. Done in excess, masturbation does not directly increase or has an effect on the estrogen levels of the body but has a connected effect on other hormones, for example Melatonin. Often considered the sleep hormone, Melatonin aids the body to sleep. But excessive masturbation can sometimes hamper sleep cycles. When sleep cycles are effected, over a long term period, it can affect the production of testosterone. Some studies show that much of the testosterone is produced during sleep. Thus sleep deprivation can effect the T level production, thus lowering the sexual drive. But this does not mean that the Estrogen levels of the body have increased. The only side effect is that the ability of the Androgen receptors to produce testosterone is effected.