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See what’s making Cali take her panties off every single night…


Pressure pain thresholds

Bacterial endotoxin is produced by bacteria which live inside your gut.

It can leak from your gut causing obesity, diabetes, low testosterone, insulin resistance and many other common diseases.

When you get an infectious disease which causes fever, chills, depression, and muscle aches…

Many of the symptoms are caused by increased leakiness allowing these bacterial endotoxin to circulate in your system.

Researchers carried out experiments looking to see the exact effects of bacterial endotoxin on symptoms like this.

They showed that these bugs cause pain, inflammation, and depressed mood.

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The human study was carried out at the University Hospital Essen, University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany. The findings were published in Brain, Behaviour, and Immunity.

Pain is a complicated thing.

It can be triggered by real-world insults…

But it is generated in the brain, and different things can make you more sensitive to pain.

One thing that is often strongly related to pain is inflammation – generated by an increase in certain types of proteins (cytokines).

“Inflammation-induced pain amplification and hypersensitivity play a role in the pathophysiology of numerous clinical conditions.”

This study was designed to look at the effect of elevated levels of bacterial endotoxin (endotoxemia) on pain, inflammation and mood.

“Experimental endotoxemia has recently been implemented as a model to analyze immune-mediated processes in human pain.”

The researchers looked at different doses of bacterial endotoxin and how those effects changed over a number of hours after exposure to the substance.

“We analyzed effects of endotoxin on pain models for musculoskeletal and neuropathic pain. We also looked at changes in inflammatory markers, pain sensitivity and negative affect (mood).”

The researchers carried out a double-blind, randomized controlled study.

Bacterial endotoxin was injected into some of the volunteers at varying doses.

“Healthy male subjects received an intravenous injection of either a moderate dose of bacterial endotoxin, low-dose bacterial endotoxin, or saline (placebo control group).”

The researchers analyzed different types of pain sensitivity and tracked any changes over a 6-hour period after bacterial endotoxin exposure.

“Pressure pain thresholds, mechanical pain sensitivity, and cold pain sensitivity were assessed before and 1, 3, and 6h post injection.”

They also looked at proteins (cytokines) which can increase or decrease inflammation.

“Plasma cytokines and state anxiety were repeatedly measured before, and 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6h after injection of bacterial endotoxin or placebo.”

The researchers found a potent and profound immune response to increased levels of bacterial endotoxin.

Endotoxin administration induces systemic immune activation.

Many of these effects are similar to that seen in most types of infectious disease.

This is because even viral diseases cause a breakdown of bodily barriers…

This leads to breakdown of the gut barrier and increased endotoxin levels in the blood.

“We recorded a significant increase in body temperature, and negative mood with pronounced effects to the higher bacterial endotoxin dose.”

The researchers found a significant decrease in pain pressure threshold

Meaning any type of pressure on the muscles or bones was more likely to cause pain.

This is the type of body ache people experience with diseases like the flu.

“Significant decreases of pressure pain thresholds were observed only 3h after injection of the moderate dose of bacterial endotoxin.”

Changes in pain sensitivity were tracked by changes in cytokines – showing that this was an immune and inflammatory response to endotoxin.

“Correlation analyses revealed that decreased pressure pain thresholds were associated with peak IL-6 increases and negative mood.”

This ubiquitous gut bug causes increases in pain.

“Our results revealed widespread increases in musculoskeletal pain sensitivity in response to a moderate dose of bacterial endotoxin.”

But it is not just infectious diseases which lead to endotoxin -induced pain.

Researchers believe that many other pain conditions may involve elevated levels of endotoxin.

This and other studies have also shown that endotoxin is a potent mood-altering substance…

Decreasing mood and even leading to depression or psychiatric conditions.

“These data extend and refine existing knowledge about immune mechanisms mediating hyperalgesia with implications for the pathophysiology of chronic pain and neuropsychiatric conditions.”

Leaky gut syndrome is a very real thing – but the consequences of having a leaky gut barrier are underestimated by most people.

You need a healthy gut barrier in order to have optimal health.

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This patches up a leaky gut while cleaning out toxins from the ENTIRE body (even the penis)

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I’ve found a way to fix the gut that gives erections a big boost.

It works by scrubbing the body of endotoxins.

Endotoxins are all the bacteria, viruses, and fungi swimming around in our gut that leaks out into the body when you have a leaky gut.

These endotoxins travel all over and infect other organs, even the penis.

So if you get rid of these endotoxins, the whole body benefits, not just the gut.

And libido and erections are two of the biggest benefactors when you clean out the gut this way…


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Inflammation-induced hyperalgesia: effects of timing, dosage, and negative affect on somatic pain sensitivity in human experimental endotoxemia