Saturated fats may heal your liver — here’s how

The liver is the biggest organ in the body, and before you can fix the other things that are wrong, you need to fix the liver.

In most people with any kind of weight problem or physical problem, their liver has become fatty. There are various stages of fatty liver. Collectively it’s known as nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

The end stages of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease are cirrhosis, where the liver becomes fibrous and stops working.

That’s what makes this study so very interesting.

It shows how easy and quick it is to fix your liver.

If you’ve ever eaten a piece of liver, worked on one even better yet, you know what a healthy liver looks like. So take a look at the left side of this picture which is the before picture of a liver sample. And then look at the right side. The right side looks like the kind of liver that you would buy in the store, LOL?

This patient did some simple things and went from cirrhosis of the liver to a fully healthy non-fatty liver


How to fix your liver.

This important study showed how to fix even a really bad alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver.

They divided rats up into six groups. They were given alcohol (lucky or unlucky rats, depending on your tastes) and various oils.

Rats in group 1 were fed a fish oil and alcohol diet for 6 weeks.

And rats in groups 2, 3, and 4 were fed fish oil and alcohol for 6 weeks.

Now, after 6 weeks, they STOPPED giving the rats alcohol.

And the rats were switched to glucose with fish oil (group 2), palm oil (group 3), or medium-chain triglycerides (group 4) as the source of fat for an additional 2 weeks. By this time, it was presumed their livers were pretty bad off.

And rats in groups 5 and 6 were fed fish oil-ethanol and fish oil-dextrose, respectively, for the full 8 weeks. So groups 5 and 6 had the alcohol the WHOLE TIME, not just the first 6 weeks.

Did you follow all that? Don’t worry, here’s the cheat sheet.

Here’s the point of what they did. Some of the subjects were given fish oil, and some were given palm oil and MCT oil. Along with alcohol.

And this was tested with sugar, or without sugar. Got it? Fish oil, palm oil, or MCT Oil, with or without sugar. That’s all we need to know.

So let’s see what actually reversed liver disease

The worst livers were the rats fed fish oil. Groups 1 and 5. Not a surprise, if you been reading what I’ve been saying about how bad fish oil really is. It’s all in the study.

Group 2 had no improvement. Fish oil and alcohol just don’t make a great combination.

Groups 3 and 4 recovered full liver function and virtually 100% healthy livers.

These are the rats that were given palm oil, or MCT oil, for two weeks FOLLOWING the dreadful 6 week period of being fed alcohol.

So palm oil and MCT oil made these rats fully recover from terrible alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver. And presumably, coconut oil would do the same thing — coconut oil is very similar to palm oil and MCT oil.

Wow, medium chain saturated fats fixed these diseased livers

a diet enriched in saturated fatty acids effectively reverses alcohol-induced liver injury, including fibrosis.

So why did saturated tropical oils cure cirrhosis of the liver so well?

Let’s turn back to the study for an explanation:

The therapeutic effects of saturated fatty acids may be explained, at least in part, by reduced endotoxemia and lipid peroxidation, which in turn result in decreased levels of TNF-alpha and Cox-2

So first of all, it’s been shown that coconut oil or palm oil can virtually get rid of endotoxins in the body. Endotoxins are fragments and waste products from bacteria that grow in the gut, and enter the body.

The liver has to deal with these endotoxins. Tropical fats make it much easier for the liver to process endotoxins.

Secondly, Lipid peroxidation is the breakdown of fats, causing free radicals. Tropical oils keep down Lipid peroxidation. Fish oil and vegetable oil increase Lipid peroxidation. Not good.

And then, the study points out that this results in decreased levels of TNF-alpha and Cox-2.

These are highly inflammatory markers of disease in the body. Tropical oils have a very positive effect on the body.

This article shows you two things. Number one, once again, the dangers of fish oil. And number two, the benefits of tropical oils such as coconut oil, in becoming healthier, and specifically in a healthy liver.

The rats went from disease to healthy liver in two weeks. It has been shown that in human beings, recovery from a diseased to a healthy liver can also happen in a matter of a few weeks too.

 What to do next?

Fix your liver. Eat a lot of coconut oil. Make sure that you don’t have a disease liver. The liver is responsible for storing blood sugar in the form of glycogen, so you have ready energy without crashes.

The liver processes toxins from the gut. The liver creates thyroid hormones that you can actually use immediately, in the form of T-3. The liver makes hundreds of chemical processes possible.

You can’t be healthy without a healthy liver. This newsletter shows how a healthy liver is possible even if your liver is currently diseased.

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