Sadness after sex — how to stop it and feel good!

Oftentimes, when you read studies, it’s really difficult to get excited about the study from the title. But in this case, I think you find the study very interesting.

One of the mysteries of sex that we don’t often understand is how orgasm affects us afterward.

After orgasm, our prolactin levels shoot up. Our testosterone levels fall. And our oxytocin levels fall also.

The evolutionary reason for this is that as a man, once we’ve shot our sperm into a woman, our evolutionary job is done. Now it’s time to look for the next woman to impregnate.

Nature is not interested in your being happy

Nature designs us to impregnate women, and part of that is to become less interested in a woman after sex.

But what about women? How do they feel after sex?

This study showed that women often feel sad or disconnected, anxious or depressed following sex.

In this study, they polled hundreds of women to see how they felt after sex. Many women feel sad or depressed after sex. They call this post-coital dysphoria or post sex blues.

“In the period following sexual intercourse, individuals who are emotionally reactive may be more sensitive or vulnerable to negative emotions, resulting in an acute period of depression or irritability.”

Professor Schweitzer, who is the principal investigator conducting the study, pointed out, “Overall our results support the notion that PCD symptoms are prevalent in the general population and that they can occur in spite of an otherwise physiologically functional sexual experience.”

What the study says

The study shows that one out of 20 women become quite sad after sex. But overall, about half of women report that they have become sad or depressed after sex.

Frankly, I’m not surprised about this at all. The question is, what can you do about it, if you are a man?

 Zinc is your friend

After an orgasm, a man’s prolactin levels shoot up. In many studies, zinc has been shown to lower prolactin levels. And that’s important. Because prolactin itself can suppress sexual drive, and cause depression.

Oxytocin helps a great deal

Perhaps the best way to counteract post-sex blues is to build up oxytocin. Oxytocin building behaviors include cuddling, eye-gazing, handholding, and non orgasmic sex.  The more sex without orgasm, the less you have to worry about post-sex blues.

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