Rub this onto your scrotum for more size

Just a few drops of this natural mineral starts stimulating your Leydig cells right away

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Rub this onto your scrotum for more size

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I’ve discovered the secret to growing bigger down there without any weird pumps, tablets, or procedures.

It’s a safe, natural mineral that stimulates a man’s Leydig cells in the testicles to produce more important male hormones like testosterone and DHEA.

And when these important male hormones are in the right ratios, erections gets bigger, better, and longer-lasting.

You just paint a few drops right on your scrotum and rub it in… and watch it grow…

And just like that, your member is swelling up to its full size potential and ready to rock for 30 minutes or more.

Your wife or girlfriend will LOVE the feeling of you inside of her when you’re bigger and thicker than ever before…

And you will love the confidence that comes with sporting a bigger member and performing better in bed.

Just rub this on your member and watch what happens…


Dark downside to the most popular corticosteroid on the market

Even though I don’t love Big Pharma, there is no doubt that some of the treatments that Big Pharma produces are effective treatments.

Antibiotics are often lifesaving…

And many people use corticosteroids effectively for various conditions like allergic reactions, asthma, COPD, autoimmune diseases, and brain inflammation.

While many of these conditions do have alternative treatment options…

…corticosteroids are often what doctors recommend to treat them.

They are a highly-controlled class of treatments.

The most popular corticosteroid on the market is prednisone.

But even with the benefits of these treatments, there is a dark downside.

New evidence is showing that prolonged usage or corticosteroids can shrink your brain!

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The study in BMJ Open talks about the reduction in white matter integrity.

That basically means that when you take these treatments long-term, your brain volume decreases.

“This study shows that both systemic [oral or injected] and inhaled glucocorticoids are associated with an apparently widespread reduction in white matter integrity, which may in part underlie the neuropsychiatric side effects observed in patients using glucocorticoids. Since these ‘treatments’ are widely used, awareness of these associations is necessary across medical specialties and research into alternative treatment options is warranted.”

Brain shrinkage is a real problem because it can cause cognitive impairment over time…

Including memory problems, problems with thinking, and problems doing daily tasks.

“People with brain atrophy, also called cerebral atrophy, lose brain cells (neurons), and connections between their brain cells and brain volume often decreases. This loss can lead to problems with thinking, memory and performing everyday tasks. The greater the loss, the more impairment someone has.”

This type of brain shrinkage is something that happens in people who have a disease called Cushings.

Cushings makes their brain naturally create excess amounts of glucocorticoids.

“…it has been established that long-term glucocorticoid excess is associated with global cerebral atrophy and decreased cortical thickness and gray matter volumes in specific brain regions…. Moreover, a few small studies have shown volumetric reductions in specific brain regions, including the hippocampus and amygdala, in patients using chronic and/or high-dose synthetic systemic glucocorticoids. Besides these structural abnormalities, several studies in animal models and patients with Cushing disease have also demonstrated widespread reductions in white matter integrity throughout the brain.”

The Cushings evidence correlates with what this study is finding.

The big risk with brain shrinkage seems to be with people who are on long-term steroid therapy.

Short-term use isn’t nearly as problematic in this way.

The authors of this study believe that this brain shrinkage is also related to the higher number of mental health problems that people on corticosteroids have.

“It is well known that exogenous [administered] glucocorticoids are associated with neuropsychiatric side effects, including not only potentially severe mood disturbances such as depression and mania, but also cognitive impairment such as concentration and memory problems. In this study, glucocorticoid users reported a higher frequency of several mental health complaints, while their cognitive performance was not significantly different, except for worse scores on the symbol digit substitution task in systemic glucocorticoid users.”

I’m not saying to stop taking prednisone or other corticosteroids if they make sense for you.

What I am saying is that you should be aware of the potential side effects if you are on a long-term treatment regimen.

These are treatments that you do need to be careful with.

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This $2 remedy is the key to a pain free life

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I know what it’s like to live every day in pain…

How it feels waking up with sore joints that creak and pop when you bend them…

Bending over to pick something up and feeling that searing burning sensation all along your spine…

Having to lock yourself away in a dark, quiet room as your skull just throbs and throbs…

All of these pains and more can be debilitating.

They can make you call out of work… miss a family reunion… skip out on a date…

I’ve been there and never want to be there again.

Fortunately, I have a secret weapon on my side now — a powerful natural pain reliever that costs less than a few bucks at the store.

I discovered it after stumbling onto Dr. Rex Newnham’s work in arthritis treatments back in the 60s.

And thanks to his research, my headaches, back pain, and knee pains are all gone!

You can join me and start living a pain free life again with this remedy — and it also boosts libido in men (a win-win)


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