Reverse endothelial dysfunction

Reverse endothelial dysfunction

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A lot of men and their doctors believe that erectile dysfunction is caused by lack of blood flow to the penis or the testicles.

It may be true that there is reduced blood flow in men with ED.

But it may also be that reduced blood flow is a result of a disease state in the body — maybe it’s not the cause.

For example, you see firemen who are fighting fires.

You see a fire, and there are always firemen around, so you start to think, maybe the firemen cause the fires.

If you could only get rid of the firemen, you wouldn’t have the fires.

This is called mistaking cause for effect.

I think the same thing may be going on with blood flow into the penis and erectile dysfunction.

I think a lot of guys and their doctors think that blood flow is the problem when really blood flow is like the firemen.

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It’s a symptom of th problem — it’s the body trying to fight the fires in the body.

The primary fire, the cause of ED, may well be endothelial dysfunction.

I realize you haven’t heard of endothelial dysfunction anywhere, except maybe from me.

But it is truly important because the endothelial cells are what line the blood vessels feeding the penis blood.

And they line the erection chambers in the penis.

In this review paper, the researchers note that fibrosis often sets into the endothelial cells in the body.

Many men with penile fibrosis will find that they have a lump on their penis or scar tissue on the penis.

These mark the spot of fibrotic tissue damage in the penile tissue.

They also noticed that the result is often lower blood flow.

If the linings of these very narrow blood vessels and erection chambers are inflamed, then they will not be able to carry nearly as much blood.

And precisely that is what happens with endothelial dysfunction.

Also, inflamed endothelial cells are somewhat like an old balloon whose rubber is cracking and hardening on the sides.

A balloon with cracking and hardening rubber isn’t going to fill up with air very well.

That’s what may be happening in the erection chambers when you have endothelial dysfunction going on.

Now the good news is that endothelial dysfunction is recognized in the laboratory and by clinical experts.

The bad news is that it takes many years for doctors to get this information.

Doctors are too busy with managed care to actually read all the medical journals and keep up with the latest news.

I’ve been talking about penile fibrosis for the past year and a half, but I doubt one in a thousand doctors are even aware of it as a problem.

And yet the head of urology at one of the largest and most prestigious universities estimates that 22% of men have penile fibrosis.

How do you know you have it?

If you have penile fibrosis, you probably haven’t used it for a long time.

You are probably not getting morning wood.

Or you’re on several different medications or have chronic health conditions.

The longer that you continue without using it, the more likely you are to lose it.

Fibrosis is scar-like tissue that the body builds to protect itself against an ongoing “insult.”

The insult can be chronic inflammation of the endothelial cells.

This inflammation is a very common, perhaps even universal problem.

And although doctors are only beginning to deal with it, you can use various nutritional and supplement remedies to help yourself.

You can work to reverse endothelial dysfunction and penile fibrosis yourself.

The effort can go a very long way, and it’s a simple process.

You can take things like aspirin, caffeine, cyproheptadine antihistamine, and vitamin E.

These can all help reverse fibrosis and especially penile fibrosis.

And here’s the best treatment — perhaps one of the most important things is regular sex.

Regular sex can prevent penile fibrosis altogether.

I have come to believe that there is a purpose to getting morning wood, or nocturnal erections as some people call them.

And that purpose is to make sure that our penis and its endothelial cells are in good condition.

And that they are exercised regularly.

Men who are not getting morning wood are not experiencing this regular blood flow.

But, rather than it being a blood flow condition, I think it indicates a bigger problem.

It indicates inflammation of the lining of the arteries and the penile tissue, endothelial dysfunction.



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Mechanisms of fibrosis: therapeutic translation for fibrotic disease 

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