Restricting this one nutrient can stop cancer

Restricting this one nutrient can stop cancer

You may have seen many reports that rats, or mice, live longer lives on what is called calorie restriction.

They may live 50% longer or even better than that.

And mice on these diets are more resistant to disease, toxins in the food, and distress.

But what they don’t tell you is that you don’t need to restrict your calories to live longer.

It’s been already well established that restricting one of the amino acids, methionine, can lead to a lot longer life.

But there is another even more interesting aspect of methionine restriction.

Methionine restriction may also stop cancer in its tracks.

And it may be one of the best ways how to prevent cancer.

It is very difficult to achieve complete elimination of methionine from the diet.

A little bit of methionine is necessary for life — it’s an essential amino acid.

And it’s in so many foods that we can’t eliminate it completely from our diets.

But most of us eat way too much.

For example, beef is one of the richest sources of methionine:

But let’s see what methionine does to tumors.

When researchers deprived these mice of methionine, they completely halted any further growth of any tumors.

That’s a 100% stop.

Methionine deprivation arrests mitosis by blocking the cell cycle in G2 and induces apoptosis. Tumor stasis was achieved in 100% of treated animals within 4 days of treatment.

Not only were the tumors stopped cold.

But in one-third of the animals, the tumors actually regressed.

As the researchers conclude:

These data strongly support the use of methionine‐depleting regimens for tumor treatments.

I think it’s very prudent to achieve low methionine levels in your diet.

One way you do this is by eating “nose to tail.”

If you only eat muscle meat as most Westerners do, you get a diet very high in methionine.

But if you eat the gelatinous bits, including the cartilage, bone, organ meat in the animal, you balance the methionine.

And in balancing it, you block it.

This type of methionine restriction is not as effective as what they did with the mice in the study.

But it’s effective enough and has no health consequences — except good ones.

This is why I consume collagen or gelatin whenever I eat red meat or something high in methionine.

The gelatin or collagen blocks a lot of the methionine.

You can achieve the same thing if you want to make good quality bone broth and consume it with meals.

But I find the collagen and gelatins are easier to take consistently.

And I’m going to keep working to balance the methionine in my diet.

Methionine restriction is a key part of living longer and healthier life.

And now we also know that it helps stop cancer cold.



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