Researchers find way to “kill off” bad memories stored in your brain

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This is huge for men suffering from PTSD… 

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Researchers find a way to “kill off” bad memories stored in the brain

When Melanie was 19 years old, she ended up spinning her car out during a rainstorm on the way in to Philadelphia.

The car bounced off of one cement barrier and then the next – like a ping pong ball.

Melanie walked away without an injury. 

But when everything was said and done, the car was completely totaled and she was rattled.

For years afterward, every time she had to go past a cement barrier her breathing accelerated and she gripped the steering wheel tighter.

It made no logical sense… But that memory of bouncing across three lanes of highway really stuck with her… 

This gave her a REAL negative physical response whenever she was in the same situation.

And that was just a mild trauma with a mild reaction. 

But some responses to some memories – especially really bad memories – can be much, much worse.

And now here is a twist that SOUNDS like science fiction…

Researchers are starting to figure out WHERE these memories are stored in the brain.

And they are figuring out how to dim the effects of trauma so they become just a regular memory rather than something that gives you a massive physical reaction every single time.

Some of this research (such as using the treatment propranolol) has been tested on humans.

And some of it – like this research – has only been tested on mice so far. 

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But the research is promising and may very well help many people live their lives with far less fear, stress, and anxiety.

Where memory is stored…

Our brains are magnificent biological machines. 

They store memories, keep our bodies going, and seem to be where most of our emotions and personality originates.

We have specific structures within our brains that store memories in actual PHYSICAL locations.

“Inside our brains, a cashew-shaped structure called the hippocampus stores the sensory and emotional information that makes up memories, whether they be positive or negative ones. No two memories are exactly alike. And, likewise, each memory we have is stored inside a unique combination of brain cells that contain all the environmental and emotional information associated with that memory.”

Scientists are now figuring out where in the hippocampus negative and positive memories are stored (at least in mouse models).

“Using a technique called optogenetics, Chen and Ramirez mapped out which cells in the hippocampus were being activated when male mice made new memories of positive, neutral, and negative experiences. A positive experience, for example, could be exposure to a female mouse. In contrast, a negative experience could be receiving a startling but mild electrical zap to the feet.”

Once the researchers had an idea of where the memories were stored, they were able to trigger those memories using laser light.

“Then, identifying which cells were part of the memory-making process (which they did with the help of a glowing green protein designed to literally light up when cells are activated), they were able to artificially trigger those specific memories again later, using laser light to activate the memory cells.”

And this is really amazing:

By activating different areas of the brain, the researchers were able to DEADEN negative memories so they lost their impact – or they could also ramp them up.

“Activating the top of the hippocampus seems to function like effective exposure therapy, deadening the trauma of reliving bad memories. But activating the bottom part of the hippocampus can impart lasting fear and anxiety-related behavioral changes, hinting that this part of the brain could be overactive when memories become so emotionally charged that they are debilitating.”

This is a remarkable process.

Now, it’s not been tested in humans yet.

But the potential for people to weaken the hold of really bad memories (e.g. PTSD memories) using techniques like this is very exciting.

In the meantime, if you have trauma in your past that triggers you into a physical fear response there are many techniques that can help NOW – including exposure therapy and meditation techniques.

The most important thing if you are caught in a cycle like this is to keep looking for answers. 

There is no one-size-fits-all approach…

But many people have been helped and researchers are developing new answers all the time.

To your health!

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