Relax your flab away

Thin with no gym… Can this be true? How can you train your body so that it burns flab constantly, even while you sleep or just lie on the couch?

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Relax your flab away

Losing flab – for many people – is a pain in the butt.

Most of the time it involves starving yourself or getting rid of all sweets. (There is a more effective dietary approach, but that is a subject for another time.)

Making these sacrifices seems even more pointless when you end up on the yo-yo cycle – losing flab only to PUT MORE BACK ON.

One reason for this yo-yo ride is a really strange one.

And despite what we’re told, none of these are the true cause:

  • You stop the diet and start binging
  • You lose a ton of muscle mass while dieting and your body doesn’t burn as many calories
  • You are lazy
  • You lack willpower

Now don’t get me wrong… losing muscle mass does make keeping weight off more difficult. But the other three – meh.

The truth is a bit more complicated…

As it usually is. I never even heard of this until recently.

And I guarantee your doctor isn’t going to tell you about it. Your doctor probably doesn’t know about it.

Keep reading if you’ve recently lost flab – or you’re trying losing it now – and you want to KEEP IT OFF.

This is going to blow your mind.

It turns out we have a muscle hidden behind our calf that’s sometimes referred to as the “second heart”.

It’s the soleus and it could very well be a very big key to permanent weight loss.

If you put your hand on your calf muscle, you are getting close to your soleus.

It’s behind the calf muscle, next to the bone.

And it has a HUGE impact on your resting metabolic rate (RMR).

Activating muscles deep in the leg that help keep blood and fluid moving through our bodies is essential to maintaining resting metabolic rate when we are sitting or standing quietly.

Why is the resting metabolic rate important?

RMR determines how many calories our bodies burn when we are at rest – sitting or standing quietly.

Since this is what most of us do all day long, our RMR is really important to whether or not we can maintain weight loss.

Commonly called “secondary hearts,” these muscles pump blood back to our heart, allowing us to maintain our normal rate of metabolic activity during sedentary activities.

I was completely gobsmacked when I learned about the soleus muscle and its function in metabolism.

And I was even MORE psyched when I talked to a physical therapist about how to make this muscle work better.

Developing the soleus muscle may help permanently fix your metabolism

So here’s the deal: Humans used to walk everywhere.

We walked in fields and we walked to visit the neighbors.

We walked to work and we walked to worship.

All that walking kept the soleus muscles super active and strong.

But now we mostly sit in our cars, sit at our desks, and sit in front of our screens.

All that walking… it’s a thing of the past.

So we need to find other ways to activate this VERY important metabolic muscle.

Here are three super-simple exercises that are easy to fit into your lifestyle.

1. Calf raises and dips:

This one is crazy-easy. You can do it on the stairs. Any stairs.

Stand on a step with your hand on the rail and then rise up on your tiptoes. Hold for a few seconds.

Then dip down so your heels are below step level. Hold for a few seconds.

Repeat the whole thing about a dozen times, and do this a couple of times a day.

Doing this daily will activate and strengthen those important muscles that help control metabolism.

2. Adjustable Desk:

There are a lot of these on the market these days.

Some you can add to your existing desk and some are freestanding desks.

An adjustable desk allows you to stand for part of your working day.

This engages all of your muscles much more than sitting all the time.

In particular, it engages the soleus muscle.

Most people starting on this need to work up to standing more and more of the time.

Increase the time you stand at one shot by about 10 minutes every week.

Pretty soon you’ll be standing for half the day or more.

3. Pacing:

This one may sound a little weird to you, but it really works.

You can do this when you are on the phone at work, or when your tasks don’t tether you to a keyboard. Even when watching TV.

Get up and pace.

Pacing helps to make up for the walking we don’t do anymore. And it works GREAT.

Be good to your “secondary heart”

So keep your soleus muscle in great shape and keep your RMR high.

I know darn well that your doctor isn’t talking about this as a way to keep the flab off, but it really does work…

…AND it supports your entire cardiovascular system as well, which is a huge plus.

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