Do low thyroid levels cause your low T?

One of the huge scandals in modern medicine is the extreme high cost of what should be very cheap, bioidentical hormones.

I’ve had guys tell me that supplemental testosterone cost them hundreds of dollars. And there’s no reason for this. It should be ultra cheap.

Since there’s so much money and testosterone supplements, the big Pharma complex funds all kinds of research on how wonderful testosterone replacement therapy is.

But they don’t tell you all the downsides to it. How it increases estrogen, how it shrinks your balls, how it messes up your red blood cells, and has a lot of other serious effects. Most men wouldn’t take supplemental testosterone, if they knew what it really did, and what they could do instead.

How to raise your testosterone without the downsides of testosterone supplementation

If you raise your thyroid level from it’s currently low level, it will also raise your testosterone levels, and you will improve all the different hormones, including lowering your estrogen levels.

This study clearly shows the relationship between low thyroid, and low testosterone.

When your thyroid hormone is low, you have generally too much estrogen, and often too little testosterone. The benefit of raising thyroid, is that it resolves many health problems at the same time.

“Men with hyperthyroidism have elevated concentrations of testosterone and SHBG. Thyroid hormone therapy in normal men may also duplicate this elevation.”

And therein lies the key. Raise your thyroid, and you will raise your testosterone levels. Also, you’ll raise your SHBG.

This is good because SHBG helps your body to remove harmful estrogens from the cells.

And here is more proof that raising your thyroid levels raises testosterone

They treated low T men with thyroid hormone and fixed their Low T problem.

“Low free testosterone may also be a contributing factor to some of the symptoms and signs of hypothyroidism in men.”

Another benefit of raising your thyroid to raise your testosterone

Extremely healthy older people have a good high level of thyroid hormone. One of my favorite studies shows that

Testosterone levels do not decline very much as we get older

What declines is our thyroid levels. And this causes a lot of other problems including fatty liver, diabetes, and obesity.

Not to mention ED.

This is one of my favorite studies because it shows,

“In our study there was no effect of age on serum T, 5αdihydrotestosterone, estrone, or estradiol.”

and it concludes

“aging per se need not be associated with altered sex steroid levels in the human male.”

 What to do now?

Make sure that your thyroid levels are where they should be. Realize that very few doctors understand how to properly treat thyroid, and realize that at least 40% of older men, as well as a maybe similar percentage of younger men, have low thyroid, which is causing them a host of health problems.

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