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Raises libido, erases pain better than opioids 

Big Pharma’s tidal wave of opioids in the last decade is one of the greatest medical scandals in the history of the United States.

Opioids are very effective at reducing pain in the short term. But over time they are shown to increase pain sensation.

Opioids are also notoriously addictive.

There are a number of pain syndromes which the medical establishment has had very little luck in treating.

Chronic lower back pain is a great example of one of these problems. Many people with this issue have been prescribed opioids.

But there are far safer alternatives – one of which is called pregnenolone.

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The human trial was carried out by the Durham VA Health Care System, Durham, North Carolina and Duke University Medical Center. The results were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association JAMA.

Only now, years into the opioid epidemic crisis, are researchers seriously looking into other options for managing chronic pain conditions.

“In response to the national opioid public health crisis, there is an urgent need to develop non-opioid solutions for effective pain management.”

Pain is a complex issue – signals are produced and amplified in the body – but really pain exists mostly in the brain.

The brain’s sensitivity to pain can be affected by many different factors. These include neuro-steroids — natural hormones which have potent effects in the brain.

“Neurosteroids are endogenous molecules with pleiotropic actions that show promise for safe and effective treatment of chronic low back pain.”

Pregnenolone is one of these neurosteroids. Healthy people produce quite a lot of this hormone — and it is the base material for many other hormones.

Pregnenolone has direct beneficial effects in the body – but it also allows the body to rapidly create other beneficial hormones as needed.

It has proven useful in a number of other pain related syndromes.

So this research was set up to test the effect of supplemental pregnenolone on chronic lower back pain in military veterans.

“We aimed to determine whether pregnenolone has therapeutic utility for the treatment of chronic low back pain in US military veterans.”

The trial recruited military veterans between the ages of 18 and 65 years old. The participants were recruited into a high-quality, randomized placebo-controlled trial.

Almost 100 participants took part in the study. They were split into 2 different groups. One group received increasing amounts of pregnenolone over a 4-week period.

The other group received an inactive placebo supplement. Neither the participants nor the researchers knew who was receiving real pregnenolone.

“Pregnenolone and placebo were administered at fixed, escalating doses of 100 mg for 1 week, 300 mg for 1 week, and 500 mg for 2 weeks.”

The effect of pregnenolone was measured using a visual analog scale of pain. The participants marked an image to describe how much pain they were experiencing from 0-10.

Pain scores were assessed before any supplements were taken, halfway through the study, and again at the very end.

The study found that pregnenolone led to a significant decrease in chronic low back pain.

“Participants receiving pregnenolone reported a clinically meaningful reduction in the low back pain compared with those receiving placebo.”

Pregnenolone is probably the safest hormone you could take. The body deals with large amounts of pregnenolone very effectively and there are few side effects.

“Pregnenolone was well tolerated.”

The researchers concluded that pregnenolone could be very beneficial for some people with chronic low back pain — and that it has a low risk of side effects.

“Pregnenolone may represent a novel, safe, and potentially efficacious treatment for the alleviation of chronic low back pain in Iraq- and Afghanistan-era veterans.”

Pregnenolone can increase thyroid function and so it may not be a good idea for people with hyperthyroidism to take it. 

Otherwise, any negative effects are often from an impure supplement rather than pregnenolone itself.

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner about treating and diagnosing health related problems.

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