Pure oxygen — good or bad for men?

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Weird findings that men should know about

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Men: use this ancient Himalayan secret to avoid tissue hypoxia and increase blood-oxygen levels (especially “down there”) 

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I’ve discovered that Sherpa people, who live at some of the highest altitudes in the world…

…have higher blood oxygen levels than normal men…

And this is extraordinary because most people in high altitudes suffer from what’s called “tissue hypoxia.”

Tissue hypoxia is when the cells are literally starving for oxygen.

But these men in the Himalayas — they have super high oxygen levels all over their body, even “down there.”

And this is important for men because the penis needs oxygen. Without enough oxygen, the member will stay soft and flaccid.

So I’ve been studying what these men are doing…

…and I’ve found a way to naturally boost blood oxygen levels, especially “down there” (works in 7 minutes or less)


Pure oxygen — good or bad for men?

One of the things that just won’t seem to die — especially in the United States — is giving patients pure oxygen.

This may sound like a good idea… but it causes harm and there are MUCH BETTER ways to go about it.

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Pure oxygen is a common treatment in the U.S.

You see it all the time in TV shows, and if you take a ride in an ambulance or have spent time in a hospital…

…it might have already happened to you — the administration of pure oxygen to breathe via a mask.

It’s a scenario straight out of Grey’s Anatomy — a paramedic or doctor plops a mask over the face of a person struggling to breathe and begins dispensing pure oxygen.

They even have “oxygen bars” in some tourist destinations where you can inhale pure oxygen for a price.

Researchers tested the results of administering pure oxygen to healthy children.

But there has been VERY LITTLE research done on pure oxygen and how it actually affects the body.

In this experiment researchers administered pure oxygen and an oxygen cocktail with 5% carbon dioxide to healthy kids.

The researchers scanned the brains of 14 healthy children, ages 8 — 15, as they inhaled 100 percent oxygen through a mouthpiece, and monitored their breathing and heart rates. After waiting eight minutes for the youngsters’ breathing to return to normal, the team added 5 percent carbon dioxide to the gas mixture and repeated the scan.

The results should make us think twice about the use of pure oxygen for medical reasons.

Pure oxygen PREVENTED oxygen from reaching the patients’ tissues.

This is one of the weirdest things about oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Without carbon dioxide, oxygen DOESN’T work like it’s supposed to.

“When the children inhaled pure oxygen, their breathing quickened, resulting in the rapid exhalation of carbon dioxide from their bodies,” said coauthor Paul Macey, associate researcher in neurobiology. “The drop in carbon dioxide narrowed their blood vessels, preventing oxygen from reaching tissue in the brain and heart.”

Without carbon dioxide in the mix the oxygen can’t reach the tissues it’s supposed to.

This isn’t something that is common knowledge, but it is 100% true.

Pure oxygen released chemicals that can damage the brain and heart.

Not only did pure oxygen PREVENT the oxygen from getting where it was supposed to go…

…but it also unleashed a cascade effect in the body, causing chemicals to be released that DAMAGE both the brain and heart.

Three brain structures suddenly lit up: the hippocampus, which helps control blood pressure; the cingulate cortex, which regulates pain perception and blood pressure; and the insula, which monitors physical and emotional stress.

All this activity awakened the hypothalamus, which regulates heart rate and hormonal outflow. Activation of the hypothalamus triggered a cascade of harmful reactions and released chemicals that can injure the brain and heart.

Adding carbon dioxide FIXED this negative response.

Diluting the oxygen mix with 5% carbon dioxide completely fixed this response that the kids had to the pure oxygen.

“Adding carbon dioxide to the oxygen relaxed the blood vessels, allowed oxygen to reach the heart and brain, calmed the hypothalamus and slowed the release of dangerous chemicals,” said Macey.

The bottom line is that using pure oxygen as a medical treatment is bad news.

It’s not something I will ever personally voluntarily submit to.

But I’m not a doctor, and can’t give you medical advice. So you will have to form your own opinions.

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