Prostate cancer biopsies can hurt you and cause cancer to spread

Prostate cancer biopsies can hurt you and cause cancer to spread

Nobody’s telling men THIS truth about prostate cancer… But here it is – super-important and you won’t read this anywhere else…

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Prostate cancer biopsies can hurt you and cause cancer to spread

This is shocking to most men, but it’s the truth… 

Board-certified physician Dr. Ari Magill who works with Ideal Male Labs to protect the prostate naturally confirms…

Almost all men get prostate cancer if they live long enough – and a lot of guys will never know it’s there.

Prostate cancer is kind of weird in the world of cancer. 

Yes, there are a few very aggressive types of prostate cancer that need highly aggressive treatment…

But most prostate cancers grow so slowly that the cancer stays in the prostate until you die of something else.

Not trying to be morbid here – that’s just the plain old truth!

And this little tidbit about prostate cancer staying in the prostate is something you almost NEVER hear about at the doctor’s office. 

That’s not because doctors don’t care at all (for the most part, they do). 

But it does have everything to do with who is paying for what. 

Prostate tests, treatments, and biopsies are cash cows for Big Pharma. 

And anything that decreases the need for those things is something that you probably aren’t going to hear about – because there is no money in it.

Look… It’s important that you know that I’m not a doctor and I can’t give medical advice. 

I am in no way telling you to stop getting PSA tests or to avoid a prostate biopsy. You have to make your own decisions.

What I will do, though, is share with you relevant information regarding risks you may not know about so that you can make the best decisions for your own health. 

That includes the increased risk you have of a significant hospital stay after a simple prostate biopsy.

Complications After Prostate Biopsy: Data From SEER-Medicare

When biopsies aren’t benign

Most of the time we think of medical biopsies as something that doesn’t cause harm and can give us important information to make decisions with. 

After all, a prostate biopsy will tell you whether or not you have cancer of the prostate, right?

Not so fast! 

There are a TON of these procedures performed and they don’t always have the intended result. 

Each year, there are more than 1 million performed on men aged 65 and up – in the United States alone.

“More than 1 million prostate biopsies are performed annually among Medicare beneficiaries.”

The first problem is that prostate biopsies end up leading to a great deal of overtreatment.

That’s because, very often, the cancer revealed by the test is then aggressively treated instead of just being watched.

And these biopsies can also cause unnecessary hospitalizations.

“The 30-day hospitalization rate was 6.9% within 30 days of prostate biopsy, which was substantially higher than 2.7% in the control population.”

I don’t know about you, but I find that APPALLING. 

That is a REALLY significant increase in overall risk for hospitalization. Almost three times as many!!!

“After adjusting for age, race, SEER region, year, and comorbidities, prostate biopsy was associated with a 2.65-foldincreased risk of hospitalization within 30 days compared to the control population…”

(SEER = Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results Program)

And most of these complications were because of infections. Whoo-whee. 

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want an infection ANYWHERE NEAR my prostate.

Infectious complications after prostate biopsy have increased in recent years while the rate of serious noninfectious complications is relatively stable…”

I wish I could tell you that these infections were the only problem with the way we treat the prostate in modern medicine, but I’d be LYING. 

I have worked with so many men who have permanently lost sexual function or urinary control because of aggressive treatment of the prostate.

This makes me so mad, because much of the time it’s just better to leave the prostate alone or use natural solutions to reverse prostate inflammation. 

But the medical community just doesn’t want to do that. 

So it’s important for you to do your OWN research and take charge of your own health.

Big Pharma is certainly not going to do it for you…

In fact, they are probably going to do everything they can to make sure you don’t know how to take charge of your own health. 

That’s why it’s really up to you.

To your health!

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