Proof vaccinations may be hurting our health

Proof vaccinations may be hurting our health

This newsletter is sure to create an uproar, and I normally don’t talk about topics that are political.

But in this case, today’s newsletter focuses on a new study of childhood vaccinations side effects.

Yes… I’m talking about the debate of whether to vaccinate or not and the risks of immunizations.

But bear with me.

I think that there are two reasons why this is important.

First, we have many older guys who have young children and grandchildren.

They may benefit from knowing about this new study.

And second, I think the same thing applies to older guys who may be considering additional vaccinations.

Doctors constantly push new vaccines on older guys.

So first, let me say that I have had many vaccinations myself and will continue having them occasionally.

But I try to minimize them for many reasons.

The flu shot is probably the most popular vaccination for older men.

But the flu shot is actually very damaging and has very poor outcomes.

I’ve already talked about that one in several other newsletters and will probably talk about it again.

Doctors suggest many other popular vaccinations to men, and some just don’t make a lot of sense.

Some of these, such as the new chickenpox or pneumonia vaccinations, do not make sense in my opinion.

But not many doctors share my opinion.

So, let’s look at this study.

And let me first say that it is a pilot study, that means that it’s not a large, huge, or expensive study.

And the Giant Pharmaceutical Corporations who make billions of dollars selling vaccinations laugh at these studies.

They’ll tell you that the study is too small and no good.

But the results of the study are so dramatic, the numbers so large an outcome, that you cannot ignore this study.

The study itself was simple.

It’s very difficult to find unvaccinated children amongst the population of children attending public and private schools.

The schools require vaccinations.

So this research group went to homeschoolers for their study.

They evaluated 66 homeschooled 6-12-year-olds.

And they compared vaccinated homeschoolers with a similar pool of unvaccinated homeschoolers.

Vaccinated kids had many more middle ear infections, often chronic.

And they were much more likely to get pneumonia, while unvaccinated kids hardly got pneumonia.

Vaccinated kids were FAR more likely to have:

allergic rhinitis, other allergies, eczema/atopic dermatitis, a learning disability, ADHD… any neurodevelopmental disorder (i.e., learning disability, ADHD or ASD)  and any chronic illness.

Now, this isn’t proof that vaccinations cause these issues — but it does prove a relationship exists.

And future studies may prove that the vaccinations are the cause.

I firmly believe that the vaccination craze is vastly overdone.

Some of these kids are getting 10 or 20 vaccinations at the same time.

When you and I were little, we usually received just a few at one time, but we didn’t get this many.

I think that the vaccination craze is completely out of hand.

Are vaccines necessary?

I’m sure that some of them are extremely helpful.

But too many of them hurt us.

And hopefully, this is one of many studies to come that show scientific proof that we’re over-vaccinated.

We are getting more and more screwed up by greedy giant pharmaceutical corporations.

And whether knowingly or not, public entities are partnering to screw us.

They hurt us by constantly encouraging or requiring us to have more and more vaccinations.

And many of these may actually do us more harm than good.



Matt Cook is editor-in-chief of Daily Medical Discoveries. Matt has been a full time health researcher for 26 years. ABC News interviewed Matt on sexual health issues not long ago. Matt is widely quoted on over 1,000,000 websites. He has over 300,000 daily newsletter readers. Daily Medical Discoveries finds hidden, buried or ignored medical studies through the lens of 100 years of proven science. Matt heads up the editorial team of scientists and health researchers. Each discovery is based upon primary studies from peer reviewed science sources following the Daily Medical Discoveries 7 Step Process to ensure accuracy.
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