Proof: Caralluma Builds Muscle and Almost Surgically Melts Fat

Proof: Caralluma Builds Muscle and Almost Surgically Melts Fat

Egyptian scientists studied a secret Arab extract and found that it builds muscle and melts belly fat… And for a very unusual reason… Nothing else like it has ever been found…


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Proof: Caralluma Builds Muscle and Almost Surgically Melts Fat

Caralluma is a plant family they use in Arabia, Africa, and East Asia as a traditional medicine for the treatment of diabetes, inflammation, obesity, and rheumatism.

Recently, researchers tested a compound from the Arabian variety on obese and diabetic rats – with great results.

Pharmacological Action of a Pregnane Glycoside, Russelioside B, in Dietary Obese Rats: Impact on Weight Gain and Energy Expenditure

These researchers did animal experiments at Cairo University in Egypt and published their results in the journal Frontiers in Pharmacology.

They wanted to learn more about a compound contained in the Arabian succulent herb, Caralluma quadrangula.

“Russelioside B (RB) is a pregnane glycoside obtained from Caralluma Quadrangula.”

The extract (RB) is thought to have many beneficial effects.

They mostly wanted to know about the effect of the herb extract (RB) on weight gain.

“The present experiment tested the possible role of RB in controlling weight gain in rats fed on a high-fat diet.”

After extracting the compound from the plant, the researchers created an animal experiment.

“The experiment of the biological assessment of RB used 32 male Wistar rats (4 groups of 8).”

They fed one group of rats a standard rat diet. And they fed the remaining three groups a high-fat diet in order to make them obese.

“Group 1 rats were fed with a palatable normal diet. Group 2, 3, and 4 were fed on a high-fat diet for 16 weeks.”

The rats in Group 3 and Group 4 also received doses of herbal extract RB.

“Group 3 and 4 received daily oral doses of RB (25 and 50 mg/kg) during the last four weeks.”

The researchers tracked weight gain, blood sugar, blood lipids, and liver enzymes.

“Animals’ parameters like weight gain, fasting level of blood sugar, serum lipids, and serum liver enzyme activities were measured.”

The rats on the high-fat diet only got fat and very sick.

“High-fat fed mice had significant fat gain, abnormal liver function, disturbed lipid profile, greater inflammation, and more insulin resistance.”

But the herbal extract provided some protection against all of these developments.

“Interestingly, RB (25 or 50 mg/kg) favorably modulated the measured parameters.”

In the animals given the high dose, fasting blood sugar was almost the same as animals on the normal diet.

The high dose of the herbal supplement halved the amount of body weight gain in the animals on the high-fat diet.

In most cases, the high dose was more effective than the low dose.

The animals given the higher-dose supplement even had smaller fat cells.

“Treatment with RB (50 mg/kg) significantly reduced the diameter of the adipocyte spaces.”

The supplement significantly improved insulin resistance also.

And this was also seen in other animal studies using the whole plant.

“Our data showed that RB improved lipid profile, reduced weight gain and insulin resistance as indicated by the HOMA-IR index.”

The supplement lowered inflammation…

Researchers believe this may be a reason why it has so many beneficial effects.

“RB controlled weight gain, improved lipid profile, and the inflammatory derangement accompanying diet-induced obesity and insulin resistance.”

The researchers also saw signs that the supplement increased the amount of energy the animals were using at rest.

“RB increased expression and protein level of energy expenditure enzymes.”

This could be a major reason why the animals did not gain so much weight when given RB.

“The anti-obesity actions of RB may be attributed to its anti-inflammatory activities in addition to its favorable effect on energy expenditure.”

These are very promising results!

This isolated compound needs to get proper safety testing in humans, though.

But they have been using the whole plant in Arabian countries for centuries.

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner for diagnosing any health-related problems.

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