Prevent prostate problems with this one vegetable?

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Crazy but true — this one veggie can even protect against prostate cancer

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Prevent prostate problems with this one vegetable?

I’m not a huge fan of vegetables in general — unlike fruits, they’re not “designed” to be eaten.

But a small number of vegetables have some very interesting health promoting properties.

Carrots are one of the most interesting vegetables in regards to human health.

Carrots live under the ground and so have potent antimicrobial substances to prevent them rotting in the damp, dark conditions.

This subterranean vegetable also has highly absorbent and indigestible fiber.

The effect of the antimicrobials and fiber is that carrot can absorb toxic bacteria and excess estrogen in the gut.

Because it’s indigestible, carrot carries these ubiquitous toxins out of the body, improving health immensely.

Both bad bacteria and estrogen cause inflammation and swelling of the prostate — and they can lead to prostate cancer.

So the consumption of carrot is unsurprisingly linked to a lower risk of developing prostate cancer.

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The human research was carried out at Zhejiang University in China. The results were published in the European Journal of Nutrition.

In the past researchers have proposed a link between the consumption of certain fibers and a decreased risk of prostate cancer.

I believe that link is due to fibers which can remove bacteria and estrogen — major causes of the disease.

In this study, the researchers collected and analyzed previous studies looking at the relationship between consumption carrots and the risk of developing prostate cancer.

“We conducted a meta-analysis to summarize evidence on this association and to quantify the potential dose–response relationship.”

Scientists scoured the major online scientific journals for studies on the topic.

They eventually came up with a final list of 10, high-quality, human studies.

These studies include information on over 8,000 men.

The men in these studies carried out detailed food questionnaires which included a lot of dietary data, including carrot consumption.

In all the studies, the men were followed for a number of years to see if they later received a diagnosis of prostate cancer.

The researchers combed through the data and crunched the numbers.

They found that consuming carrots was associated with a significantly lower risk of developing prostate cancer in future.

“We found significantly decreased risk of prostate cancer associated with the intake of carrots.”

Men who ate carrots regularly were almost 20% less likely to develop prostate cancer.

But there’s more to it than that.

The studies included information on the amount of carrot consumed — so the researchers looked to see if eating more carrots was more protective.

They found that every 10g carrots per day equated to about a 5% decrease in prostate cancer risk.

In other words it’s possible that an ounce of carrot per day could lower prostate cancer risk by almost 30%.

“For each serving per week, or 10g per day increment of carrot intake, the risk estimate of prostate cancer was 0.95.”

The researchers concluded that…

“Carrot intake might be inversely associated with prostate cancer risk.”

The recommended further, more in-depth research on the topic.

One thing notably missing from this study was differentiating raw from cooked carrot.

You see — cooking carrot can damage the fibers and antimicrobials that give carrot its health promoting effect.

I suspect that if they analyzed raw versus cooked carrot they would find raw carrot is responsible for most of the benefit.

The best way to get the most benefit from carrots is to slice them into long, thin pieces — as thin as possible. Always raw.

This gives them the maximum surface area, where they can absorb the most amount of bacteria and estrogen while eating minimal carrot.

Eating too much raw carrot might cause mild stomach upset. Thin slices gets the most effect with least effort.

Adding a little coconut oil and vinegar makes a nice carrot salad.

And these condiments add different antimicrobial effects, killing more of the bacteria that can lead to prostate cancer and other health problems.

Don’t be surprised if you feel more manly after doing this for a while, as it lowers estrogen and improves prostate health.

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