Popular underground treatment gives men an incredible edge

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Should you do this? What about the risks?

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Doing it every day — and they’re almost 100 years old

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Us Westerners don’t hear about stuff like this… but they are talking about it a lot in other corners of the world. 

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Does this treatment really give men an incredible edge?

If you want an edge other often younger men, read on. Today’s newsletter shows how guys can get an edge over everyone else.

And to get that edge, often men are taking stuff that may not be so good for them.

This desire for an edge leads some people to turn to popular ADHD treatments (i.e. Adderall and Ritalin) to improve their memory and performance.

“The off-label use of psychostimulants is a growing trend in healthy adults, with many turning to these medications to increase alertness, attentional focus, and to help them study. However, the empirical literature on the efficacy of these medications for cognitive enhancement is controversial and the longer-term impact of these drugs on health and cognitive processing has not been thoroughly examined.”

Here’s the problem:

We are only starting to learn what these chemicals do in the long term to people who don’t actually need them for ADHD. 

But we are finding out about some definite downsides.

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Do these psychostimulants ACTUALLY work to help with performance… And what kind of side effects do they have?

People do take psychostimulants to get sharper focus and better performance at work and in life…

But the gains they get are almost nothing

And to make matters worse, these chemicals interfere with sleeping patterns…

And a poor night’s sleep REVERSES any gains.

This can set you up for a cycle where you THINK they are helping, because they seem to help. 

Then you get a bad night’s sleep because they are stimulants. 

Then you take more because you are sleepy and tired.

And this can be a really slippery slope toward habitual dependence. 

But let’s look at the data.

Scientists recruited 43 young adults for this study. 

They administered attention tests and memory tests. 

At each visit, the subjects either took a pill similar to Adderall (dextroamphetamine) or a placebo.

The subjects experienced small short-term gains in attention and NO gains in memory performance from taking these chemicals.

“We also found that stimulants, compared to placebo, benefitted attentional processing 75-min post-drug – but this did not persist to the delayed test 12-hr after drug administration.”

And the participants experienced significant problems with sleep when using these stimulants.

“These medications substantially disrupt nighttime sleep – which, while coming at little cost to next-day attentional processing, may have steeper consequences for other cognitive domains.”

And those problems with sleep really concern me.

Sleep is critically important to health.

I wouldn’t take stimulants like these ADHD treatments to help with performance – simply because they screw up sleep. 

Also because I don’t trust Big Pharma (but that’s another story).

Sleep is critically important to both long-term and short-term health. 

It allows our brains to clean out the tau protein tangles that cause Alzheimer’s.

And it helps our body fight off chronic inflammation – which underlies most chronic diseases associated with age.

If you want a boost in mental performance, I would simply drink coffee.

Coffee has a ton of other health benefits as well. 

Drinking four to six cups of coffee a day is linked to lower rates of heart disease and stroke – and to longer life spans. 

And, for most people, it also tends not to interfere with sleep if they build up a tolerance.

The bottom line:

The risk of having your sleep disrupted on a regular basis by using stimulants is not worth the tiny reward of short-term boosts in performance. 

Solid sleep and exercise is a much better way to go.

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