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—-Important Message From Dr. Umer Khan—-

Doctor’s proven method for thicker, firmer rockiness

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My name is Dr. Umer Khan and I’m a surgeon and internal medicine specialist with a clinic located in Pocono, Pennsylvania.

For years now, I’ve been working with men who suffer from varying degrees of erections problems.

And not long ago…I discovered a powerful, natural method to help reverse erections problems in my patients without the need for any Big Pharma treatments.

Because one thing I’ve seen in all my years in medicine?

Big Pharma erections treatments rarely offer long-term, lasting improvements for most men who take them.

What actually works for nearly any guy, and keeps working for decades to come, is this natural method I’ve created…

It works by using a mixture of foods and one quick and easy exercise…


Reducing internal inflammation

When I first started working with men to help them fix erections problems and other sexual performance issues, I noticed a trend.

I would ask a man if he was healthy overall, and he would say, “yes.”

Then I would ask him what kind of treatments he took.

He would often list out 3, 4, or 6 treatments to treat things like high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol.

This happened over and over again.

Now, I’m not judging anyone here. I’ve had my share of health problems…

Including asthma that put me in the hospital when I was younger, and occasional erections problems.

But I found two things interesting.

Number one, people considered themselves healthy even when they took a handful of treatments.

Number two, people had no idea that almost all the treatments they were taking were treating SYMPTOMS of the same underlying problem…

Chronic internal inflammation.

The chronic internal inflammation part took me quite a while to put together myself…

But if you start reading enough studies, it becomes pretty clear.

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One of the diseases that is caused by and causes chronic internal inflammation is pre-diabetes.

Prediabetes is thought to play a role in heart health because elevated glucose levels in the blood can damage and cause inflammation within the vessels. This causes injury to the vessels in the body and can lead to narrowing of the vessels and ultimately cardiovascular injury, Michel said.

This is a vicious cycle.

Prediabetes is a metabolic disorder, which is caused by chronic internal inflammation.

Then the disease itself causes MORE chronic internal inflammation…

…which can put you at MUCH higher risk of other health problems, including heart attacks.

In this study, over 25,000 adults in the Beaumont Health System in Michigan between 2006 and 2020 researchers found that having prediabetes nearly DOUBLED your risk of having a cardiovascular event.

This study revealed that serious cardiovascular events occurred in 18% of people with prediabetes compared with 11% of people with normal blood sugar levels over a median of five years follow-up.

Unfortunately, pre-diabetes is common with nearly 1 in 3 adult Americans estimated to have this metabolic disorder.

The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 34 million Americans – just over 1 in 10 – have diabetes, and another 88 million – approximately 1 in 3 – have prediabetes.

And you don’t have to actually GET diabetes to have the elevated risk factors for heart disease.

“In general, we tend to treat prediabetes as no big deal. But we found that prediabetes itself can significantly boost someone’s chance of having a major cardiovascular event, even if they never progress to having diabetes,” said Adrian Michel, MD, internal medicine resident at Beaumont Hospital-Royal Oak, MI, and lead author of the study, which he said is one of the largest to date. “Instead of preventing diabetes, we need to shift focus and prevent prediabetes.”

While it’s encouraging that the researchers in this study are focused on preventing prediabetes…

I’ll bet you that they will focus on using some kind of treatment instead of looking at the root cause, which is chronic internal inflammation.

The bottom line is that if you can control chronic internal inflammation, you are less likely to get any kind of metabolic disorder in the first place.

You are less likely to get sick.

You are less likely to get cancer.

You’re also far less likely to get problems with rockiness.

That’s why I spend so much of my research and time teaching men how to prevent chronic internal inflammation in the first place.

It’s a huge part of staying healthy.

—-Important Message—-

Eat this 1 food to live to 120 and beyond?

I spent 25 years researching men living to 110 or 120…and I discovered one food these men are eating…

Stanislaw Kowalski eats this 1 food — and he still runs races at 110 years old!

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Orville Rogers is 99 and runs marathons…and he’s eating this 1 food…

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And this man, Magomed, is 121 years old and still grows and eats his own food…

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…including this 1 food that I am now eating to hopefully live to 120 or beyond.

These men all eat this 1 food even though the so-called gurus will tell you it’s bad for you!

Remember Euell Gibbons, the outdoors fanatic made famous in the cereal commercials?

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Gibbons avoided this 1 food and he only lived to age 64.

And Dr. Robert Atkins, author of the all-time best-selling diet book, avoided this 1 food…

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And sadly Dr. Atkins didn’t make it past the young age of 72!

So who would you rather copy?

Men like Stanley and Orville and Magomed…who are thriving in their 100s and eating this 1 food…

Or men like Euell Gibbons and Dr. Atkins who avoided this 1 food and barely lived past 70?

If you’re like me and want to live to 120, here’s the 1 food you need to be eating…


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