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This could save her life and maybe yours too…

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Please share this with your wife or girlfriend ASAP

I know I usually write about men and men’s issues, but today I’m going to take a slight detour.

A new study has come out that links hair dye and straighteners to breast cancer and it’s a doozy.

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It’s not just important for women you might have in your life, it’s also important because the hair products seem to cause problems with hormones in the body.

And there are lots of other substances that do the same thing that are in our everyday environments and can impact our health in major ways, including causing prostate issues — more on that in a bit.

Hair dyes and straighteners can disrupt hormones.

The BIG thing that stood out to me in this study is that hair dyes can disrupt hormones in a major way.

They contain substances called “endocrine-disrupting” compounds.

In plain English that means they mess up the way your body produces hormones.

Many hair products contain endocrine‐disrupting compounds and carcinogens potentially relevant to breast cancer.

Hair dyes predominantly used by black women seem to be even more caustic.

Products used predominantly by black women may contain more hormonally‐active compounds.

This is incredibly frustrating — but not surprising because most of these products have VERY little regulation.

Hair dyes cause up to a 60% increased risk of breast cancer.

The toxicity and endocrine disrupting nature of hair dyes has been shown to cause a large increase in breast cancer risk.

And don’t think that if you are a man and use hair dye that this isn’t going to affect you, because endocrine disruptors aren’t gender specific.

Problems might not show up as breast cancer for men, but they ARE likely to show up in other areas of reproductive health — like your penis.

Among African American women, using permanent dyes every five to eight weeks or more was associated with a 60% increased risk of breast cancer as compared with an 8% increased risk for white women. 

This is a pretty large risk increase.

But it’s not just dyes that are the problem. There’s also a significant increase in risk with straighteners as well.

Hair straighteners increase breast cancer risk by 30%.

Most women who use straighteners do so on a regular basis, and that regular use jacks up the risk of breast cancer significantly.

Women who used hair straighteners at least every five to eight weeks were about 30% more likely to develop breast cancer. 

Wow! A 30% increase is a really big deal.

Don’t just assume consumer products are safe.

Most people assume that products that are on the shelves of Walmart and other mass retailers are safe. But that isn’t always the case.

There isn’t a lot of testing done on consumer products and the FDA often relies on company self reporting to identify any problems.

This obviously creates conflicts of interest.

In addition, when products have effects that don’t show up until years later like hair dyes and straighteners, then it can be really difficult to nail down cause and effect.

Many other substances act as endocrine disruptors…

Unfortunately, it’s not just hair dyes that you need to be wary of.

One of the biggest endocrine disruptors in our environments are plastics.

The problem is that plastics are EVERYWHERE.

Plastics leach out lots of substances that are estrogenic and mess up our reproductive and sex systems.

If you heat things in plastic or drink out of plastic water bottles or styrofoam cups you can greatly increase your exposure and this can cause problems with both your prostate and testosterone.

The bottom line is that, as we see in this study, endocrine disruptors can be dangerous.

Your doctor isn’t likely to talk to you about this stuff because they are trained to treat symptoms and not underlying causes.

It’s not their fault, they mean well. They really just don’t know.

So if you or your girlfriend or wife use hair dye or straighteners, you may want to decide if it’s worth the risk.

Plastics are the same way. It’s up to you to take control of your health.

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