Penile fibrosis is the body’s protection against metabolic death

Penile fibrosis is the body's protection against metabolic death

I’ve been talking a lot about penile fibrosis.

That’s because it appears to impact at least 22% of men.

I wanted to shed some light on it further in this newsletter.

And this will also shed some light on other types of fibrosis which are equally threatening.

You can have fibrosis in the liver, kidney, and even your heart.

It seems that when a tissue is under attack and is stressed out, various types of other cells will come to the rescue.

These rescue cells are often known as stem cells.

There are many types of stem cells, and some of the most common ones come from bone marrow.

They migrate out of the bone marrow and into distressed tissue such as the penile tissue.

When the body sees that something is under attack and that the cells are stressed out, stem cells respond.

The body uses them to attempt to form a compartment to seal that area off.

Penile fibrosis is like the body’s sealing off sick tissue with a “collagen vault” so that the sick tissue can be isolated from the rest of the body.

So these bone marrow cells create some hard tissue threads that attempt to wall off the stressed-out penile tissue.

This is an attempt to wall off the problem, and this is the origin of the fibrosis.

The fibrosis infiltrates the penile tissue, the liver, the kidneys, or the heart.

And it attempts to wall off cells and parts of the organ that are stressed out, suffering, and dying.

This is one of the things I’ll be talking about more in the future.

You’ll see that researchers are contemplating stem cells as a treatment for many things.

And coincidentally, most of these are the same problems that medicine has caused.

However it is very unlikely that these solutions will work.

It is all too easy for the stem cells to become cancerous.

And the fibrosis that they cause to help solve problems lead to other problems.

In the penile tissue, the stem cells form a tangled birds nest of hard tissue.

And ultimately this probably saves the penile tissue from death.

But it also makes sexual activity difficult or impossible the conventional way.

So the key is to avoid causing the stress that unleashes the stem cells and leads to fibrosis.

One of the things that cause penile fibrosis in the first place is a lack of oxygen in the penile tissue.

The solution of this is increasing carbon dioxide levels so that the penile tissues are getting more carbon dioxide.

The increase in carbon dioxide increases the oxygen getting to the tissues and reverses the oxidative stress.

With oxygenation, the tissues can fix the energy levels they need.

And they can start the repair mechanisms that they need so that they don’t need to have to call the stem cells.

The tissues avoid the stem cells from attempting to wall off and protect these suffering tissues from the rest of the body.

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