Oysters, “rockiness” and testosterone

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Incredible benefits for men from this one food…

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Oysters, “rockiness” and testosterone

Oysters are a well known “aphrodisiac” – alleged to increase sexual desire in men and women. 

They are also believed to improve male sexual performance.

Some well-known aphrodisiacs work and some don’t. 

But the effects of oysters on male sexual function is actually well supported by scientific evidence.

In the most recent study on the subject, researchers found oysters increased “rockiness” and boosted testosterone in animals that had one testicle removed.

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The animal experiments took place at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Engineering Planning and Design, in Beijing. 

The International Journal of Peptide Research and Therapeutics published the results.

The idea that oysters can improve sexual desire and performance is widespread across the planet and has been for thousands of years.

“Oysters have been thought to significantly improve the male sexual function for thousands of years.”

In this study, researchers looked at the effect of oyster hydrolysate on male sexual function. 

Oyster hydrolysate is whole oyster (oyster meat, that is) broken down chemically by a process similar to human digestion. 

They looked at the effect of this oyster supplement on hemicastrated male rats. 

These are animals that had one of their testicles surgically removed when they were young.

“We explored the effects of an enzymatic hydrolysate of oyster preparation on erectile dysfunction in hemicastrated male rats.”

The researchers used several groups of young male rats.

Some animals had one testicle removed. Some of those received low-dose oyster supplement Some received higher doses. 

Some had neither surgery nor supplements (controls).

The researchers then tested the effect of oyster supplementation on the hemicastrated animals.

Oyster supplementation improved “rockiness” in the lab rats.

“Oyster hydrolysate significantly shortens the latency of penile erection induced by electrical stimulation.”

And the higher dose of oyster led to further improvements in “rockiness”.

The researchers believe these findings could translate into a treatment for “rockiness” problems in men.

“Effects were dose-dependent, indicating that oyster hydroxide also has significant effects on alleviating erectile dysfunction.”

The researchers then moved on to comparing testosterone levels in the different groups of rats.

The hemicastrated (low-T) rats had much higher testosterone levels when they were given the oyster supplement.

“Further analysis showed that blood levels of testosterone were significantly higher than those in the castrated group.”

When given oyster supplement, rats with one testicle had similar testosterone levels to rats with two testicles.

Oysters are well known to block the conversion of estrogen to testosterone because oysters contain high levels of zinc.

This could be one reason why the animals given oyster had higher testosterone levels.

The researchers also found that something else was also going on when they tested the levels of luteinizing hormone. 

Luteinizing hormone is produced in the pituitary gland and is responsible for triggering the testicles (or testicle) to produce testosterone.

The hemicastrated rats given oyster had higher levels of luteinizing hormone.

“Luteinizing hormone was significantly higher in hemicastrated group with oyster supplementation.”

Something within the oyster supplement was causing the pituitary gland to upregulate the natural production of testosterone.

“The results indicate that oyster hydrolysate promotes the synthesis of testosterone by stimulating the synthesis of luteinizing hormone.”

Now we know that there are at least two separate aphrodisiac effects from oysters.

The research shows that oysters can help boost low testosterone and could well be a useful remedy for “rockiness” problems.

For most people, eating oysters in the normal way should be almost as effective to eating the oyster hydrolysate used in this study – perhaps more tasty though.

Oyster hydrolysate might be more useful for people with serious digestive problems as it is somewhat predigested.

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner about diagnosing and treating any health-related problems.

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Effects of Enzymatic Hydrolysate of Oyster on Erectile Function in Male Hemi Castrated Rats