Orange juice lowers inflammation and improves thinking

Orange juice lowers inflammation and improves thinking

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There are two sources of disease that are especially bad today.

These are true even for men who have supposedly good health.

One is an excess of nitric oxide in the body.

And the other source is the damage from nitric oxide — increased inflammation in the body.

The source of the inflammation pathway starts with polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) in the diet.

And the body converts PUFAs into inflammatory compounds called prostaglandins.

The mechanism for that is cyclooxygenase, or Cox-2.

So, basically, if you could keep nitric oxide down, then you could also get rid of a lot of the PUFAs in your body.

Your inflammation will go away, and you will become a lot healthier.

Your testosterone levels will rise, and you will be free from all of these chronic diseases that afflict so many of us.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Of course, it does.

So, let’s look at one study about how we can lower nitric oxide and lower the inflammatory Cox-2 pathway.

The researchers begin by stating the truth.
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It’s something that we have already talked about but which many doctors don’t pay enough attention to:

Prostaglandins biosynthesis and nitric oxide production have been implicated in the process of carcinogenesis and inflammation.

If you take Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra, you are radically increasing the nitric oxide levels in your body.

This nitric oxide is why these are horrible drugs to take.

Higher nitric oxide levels indeed promote cancer and inflammation — as well as leaky arteries, lower immunity, and fibrosis.

These effects of nitric oxide go hand-in-hand with the effects of the polyunsaturated fatty acids in our diet.

They produce prostaglandins and nitric oxide, and that’s what this study is all about stopping.

The study focused on cells called macrophages.

Macrophages can be found in large quantities wherever there is inflammation and fibrosis in the body.

So, if you have penile fibrosis, you have lots of macrophages floating around in your penile tissue.

If you have liver fibrosis or pancreatic fibrosis, you have many macrophages floating around there and so forth.

If we can reduce inflammation, we should see a decrease in the number of macrophages.

That will be a good thing.

And in fact, scientists find that one of the most powerful ways to lower inflammation is with a compound found in orange juice called apigenin.

There is a lot more in orange juice than just apigenin, and maybe that is why this next study shows a huge benefit in the juice.

Performance on tests of executive function and psychomotor speed was significantly better following the orange juice compared to the placebo.

There are many benefits to orange juice.

These include the prevention of inflammation in the body, lowering endotoxin in the gut, and increasing healthy brain function and cognition.

Yes, you can buy supplements that have apigenin and or naringenin in them, but there is nothing like real orange juice.

There are many things about oranges that we are just beginning to learn.

People hesitate to drink it because it has a lot of sugar, but that’s one of the reasons why I think it’s good.

Orange juice not only has all these wonderful benefits, but it also has a lot of potassium.

Everything about orange juice is good for your health, but the oranges must be good quality ripe oranges, and you must tolerate it well.

There are many forms of oranges commercially made that are hard to tolerate in any quantity at all.

And so you have to listen to your body here and find the right brand.

You might also only drink it when it’s in season and available.



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