NEW breakthrough “unsticks” stiff joints and repairs bones

NEW breakthrough "unsticks" stiff joints and repairs bones

Get all the joints in your body – from knuckles to knees – moving easily again, like when you were young…

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NEW breakthrough “unsticks” stiff joints and repairs bones

One of the worst diseases you can get is osteoporosis.

Many men have it (and its little brother, osteopenia).

When you get it, you break your bones easily – even from a simple fall or a bump.

And that can lead to a downward spiral where you’re immobilized.

It’s been known for a long time that ultrasound can actually help remodel and repair the bones.

And it’s easy to do this at home.

Here’s why you might want to talk to your doctor about it:

Bone is interesting because it’s constantly being taken down and constantly being rebuilt.

It’s like those guys in the Navy who have to scrape the paint off of the deck of the ship and then repaint it.

The cells that remove bone and the cells that put bone material back in have to be roughly in balance so that you don’t lose bone or gain bone.

The cells we are talking about are called osteoblasts.

This study shows that ultrasound can stimulate various chemicals that make the osteoblasts more effective at their job of building bone.

This could be especially useful in a fracture.

But it could also be used therapeutically to maintain bone mass – or for any kind of injury.

This is not ultrasound for imaging.

This is a therapeutic ultrasound.

In this Korean study, they found that low-intensity ultrasound helped prevent osteoporosis that was normally present in the type of lab mice they used.

What’s nice about this ultrasound is that it’s very easy to implement…

And, as far as anybody knows, it’s therapeutically beneficial – and not harmful.

There are even machines you can get for this that don’t cost very much.

You can talk to your doctor about this and implement it very easily.

Most doctors will probably scoff at it or think nothing of it… But they will be happy to approve it for you.

Then you can see how well it works.

Besides rebuilding bone, ultrasound is effective in getting rid of the pain caused by muscle injuries.


In this study, some people who had injuries were treated with real ultrasound while others were treated with sham ultrasound.

And the researchers compared the results.

The ultrasound was shown to be very beneficial in reducing pain.

Rather than just exposing the tissued willy-nilly to the ultrasound, the researchers focused on trigger points.

Trigger points are known to be the sources of pain in the muscle fascia – the tissue surrounding the muscles.

Chances are, any injury or pain that is even remotely muscular in nature involves trigger points.

So the scientists exposed some of their subjects to ultrasound on the trigger points and gave other subjects fake ultrasound – and there was a really big difference in the results.

“The ultrasound test group demonstrated statistically significant increases in PPT seg (decreased infraspinatus sensitivity) at 1, 3 and 5 min, when compared with PPT seg in the sham ultrasound group.”

So there you have it, several reasons to look closely at ultrasound therapy if you have either muscle pain or a fracture – or injury of almost any kind.

As with everything we discuss, talk to your doctor first about pain management.

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Ultrasound Stimulates Cyclooxygenase-2 Expression and Increases Bone Formation through Integrin, Focal Adhesion Kinase, Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinase, and Akt Pathway in Osteoblasts ultrasound stimulation prevents osteoporotic bone loss in young adult ovariectomized mice of myofascial trigger points with ultrasound induces segmental antinociceptive effects: A randomized controlled study

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