New blood pressure method — gives you REAL reading

Doctor checking old man patient arterial blood pressure.

What if your blood pressure isn’t high? 

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New blood pressure method — gives you REAL reading

Jim, who is my colleague Heather’s husband, walked into the oral surgeon’s office recently and received some disturbing news…

Because his blood pressure was so high, the oral surgeon refused to operate until he got it under control.

But… since Heather works with me she was suspicious, and asked her husband to get a blood pressure cuff and take his blood pressure at various times at home.

It turns out his “real” blood pressure is just above what is considered the “normal” 120/80.

This kind of thing happens FAR MORE OFTEN than most people think.

In Jim’s case it was probably because being at the oral surgeon’s office put him on edge, which is often enough to raise your blood pressure temporarily. 

But once you get out of the situation that is making you nervous, your blood pressure will return to what’s normal for you.

It’s important to understand this, because blood pressure treatments are WIDELY given out by doctors. 

And these treatments are often given to people who don’t actually have high blood pressure. 

Considering that they can CAUSE erections problems, it’s important to understand if you actually have high blood pressure before you take these substances.

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Blood pressure can change depending on the setting.

In research that was published in JAMA Internal, they compared doctor office blood pressure with readings from the SPRINT (Systolic Blood Pressure Intervention Trial) trial. 

They looked at data from over 3,000 patients.

These were the SAME patients, but with blood pressure measured in two different settings.

And the results were dramatically different.

Outpatient BPs measured in routine clinical practice were generally higher than BP measurements taken in SPRINT, with greater mean SBP differences apparent in the intensive treatment group.

What this means is that many of the participants in this study had higher blood pressure measurements at the doctor’s office than they did in the SPRINT trial.

This comes down to the WAY blood pressure is taken in each setting.

“Our results are generally consistent with prior studies that have demonstrated that BPs measured using proper technique are typically 5 to 15 mm Hg [mercury] lower than the corresponding BPs measured in the routine clinical practice settings. Improper BP measurement technique is likely the underlying cause of higher BPs in routine clinical practice compared with trial measurements. Nearly all of the protocol deviations in routine practice (eg, lack of rest period prior to readings, talking during measurement, and arm not supported) are associated with overestimation of BP.”

That’s because routine blood pressure checks at the doctor’s office almost never follow the established guidelines.

I mean, when was the last time that you were given 5 minutes of quiet time and had your blood pressure measured 3 DIFFERENT times?

My guess is never.

You are also supposed to have the cuff size matched to your arm size and have your feet on the floor, your back being supported, and your arms at the level of your heart.

I’ve never even heard of those kinds of instructions being given in a doctor’s office, let alone experienced something like that.

Look, blood pressure treatments come with lots of side effects — some that show up sooner like erections problems and others that take a while.

If you are going to go on blood pressure treatments, then make sure you ACTUALLY have high blood pressure and that it’s not just a fluke of a doctor’s office reading.

It’s a good idea to take your blood pressure at home over the course of several days to get a better indication of what your number actually is. 

You may find it’s very different from what you get at the doctor’s office.

If you do have high blood pressure after this, I recommend that you try to fix it naturally, unless it is VERY high.

Of course I’m not a doctor, so always work with your doctor on the best solution for you and your individual situation.

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