New anti-cancer agent everyone’s talking about

Could this one plant be the answer to the biggest health scourge in the world?

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Matt Cook here, and there’s an exciting new buzz among cancer researchers right now…

Because they’ve just uncovered a new natural cancer treatment that is showing sensational results among animals…

And it’s showing incredible potential for humans as well.

Here’s the new anti-cancer agent everybody’s talking about and how to use it to potentially add decades to your life… 

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New anti-cancer agent everyone’s talking about

Artemisinin has been causing something of a stir over the last few years. 

It’s a substance refined from a number of different plants including wormwood.

It was first identified in 1972, and the discoverer won the 2015 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine for that discovery.

It’s most well-known is an antimalarial treatment. 

But there’s a lot of research showing that it acts against a vast number of different pathogens – not just malaria.

On top of this, many people are touting it as an anti-cancer agent.

And there’s actually quite a lot of evidence in the scientific research to support that idea.

An extract of wormwood (containing artemisinin) has been shown to act on well-known biochemical pathways affecting cancer. 

Cell and animal experiments show how this could explain artemisinin and wormwood’s anti-cancer effects.

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The research was carried out at Hannam University in Korea. The findings were published in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Plants like wormwood contain substances like artemisinin and these plants have been used in medicine for a very long time.

They have been used to treat all sorts of conditions, including infections and cancer. 

“Wormwood extracts have been known to possess various functions including antibacterial, antivirus and antioxidant effects.”

But the discovery of one of the main active ingredients, artemisinin has been quite recent. 

It has spurred a lot of research which indicates that wormwood and artemisinin could have anti-cancer effects.

These experiments were carried out using an extract of wormwood to see the effects on biochemical pathways related to cancer.

Some of the experiments were carried out on HCT116 cells. 

This is a cell line that goes on to form all sorts of cancers in animals, and triggers metastases spreading throughout the body.

The researchers found that the wormwood extract increased apoptosis.

Apoptosis is the healthy death of cells.

One of the major problems in cancerous tumors is decreased apoptosis.

Cells don’t die, and so they grow into cancerous lumps.

Increasing apoptosis is a primary anti-cancer effect.

“Wormwood extract induced apoptosis.”

The researchers looked at what was happening in a number of well-known cancer pathways.

They found that the anti-cancer effect of wormwood extract was very easily understood by these mechanisms.

In the next stage, the researchers moved on to animal experiments. 

The transplanted cancerous tumors into lab animals.

Some of those animals were given wormwood extract and the researchers watched what happened.

Wormwood extract had an anti-cancer effect in the live animals just as it had done in the cell experiments. 

It activates anti-cancer pathways in the real world.

“Wormwood extract increases anti-cancer pathways in a live animal tumour graft model.”

The research seems to confirm what many other experiments have been pointing toward…

That wormwood extract does have an anti-cancer effect.

The experiment shows that this anti-cancer effect is had by increasing apoptosis – accelerating the death of cancerous cells.

“We confirm the apoptotic effect of wormwood extracts.”

Wormwood and its well-known active ingredient artemisinin have been causing a stir in recent years.

This is thanks to many reports of cancer remission in people using these substances. 

The reports from the scientific literature seem to back many of these claims.

Wormwood and artemisinin are also extremely potent anti-pathogenic agents…

They kill viruses and a seemingly endless list of other infectious pathogens.

But these are powerful substances.

Because of this they can have problematic side effects when taken at the wrong time or in the wrong dose.

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Apoptosis-induced effects of extract from Artemisia annua Linné by modulating PTEN/p53/PDK1/Akt/ signal pathways through PTEN/p53-independent manner in HCT116 colon cancer cells