More afterglow after sex increases feelings of love

More afterglow after sex increases feelings of love

How often should you have sex for a great life and great relationship?

And how can you tell that you two truly are “meant for each other?”

This study will tell you the answer.

And it all relates to afterglow.

When people have sex one of the things that they really enjoy is the afterglow.

Sure, the rest of the act is great, but the afterglow is the real deal.

Afterglow is the feelings of love and contentment that follow a sexual encounter.

Nobody has ever figured out quite what it means.

Or whether partners who have a greater afterglow have a better relationship than partners who have a smaller afterglow.

Does it help with sexual attachment or is it about romance?

That’s what this brand-new study is about.

It’s about trying to figure out the role of the sexual afterglow and what it means for the quality of the relationship.

I am going to take a quick, humorous side note here because these researchers are ultra-serious about their work.

This formula actually appears in their paper:

I think it’s hilarious, but that’s just me.

Now, we’re going to be really technical here as we try to make these things simple.

Stay with me, and I’ll explain what they did and what they found.

The researchers used Facebook ads, letters, and email to recruit newly married couples.

They sent them questionnaires and interviewed them on the telephone.

They asked questions to determine if the couples had had sex each day, how good was it, and how good was that relationship lately.

The funny thing about this sort of study is that 85% of the time, the husbands and wives agreed that they had sex.

15% of the time they did NOT agree.

It just shows you that some married couples won’t agree on anything, LOL.

So, researchers did the study over a period of months.

Here’s the really striking finding here in this study.

Following a single occurrence of sex, participants reported enhanced sexual satisfaction that lasted 48 HOURS but not 72 HOURS.

This tells us that any relationship, you should have sex every other day not every three days.

That will maintain the high points of the sexual afterglow.

I have always believed that every other day is a good schedule, or four days a week.

Many couples start with every day or twice a day, but over time the end up at a couple of times a week.

I think this is way too little.

What this study really shows is that frequent sexual contact is incredibly important to life as a couple.

Couples having sex more frequently will have stronger relationships.

There was another finding that is pretty interesting.

Experiencing a very high level of satisfaction 48 hours after sex almost always went along with an especially strong married relationship.

Participants who reported relatively high levels of this sexual afterglow 48 hours after engaging in sex also reported relatively high levels of marital satisfaction and remained more satisfied over the subsequent months of marriage.



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Quantifying the Sexual Afterglow The Lingering Benefits of Sex and Their Implications for Pair-Bonded Relationships 

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