Could Missing This Mineral Be Causing Your High Blood Pressure?

Big Pharma wants you on their pills. And they want you to stay on the forever and ever and ever. Or until you die. Whichever comes first.

In all seriousness though, I think if they could get you to buy them when you are dead, that would probably be something they would try.

That’s why you won’t often hear about alternative treatments to blood pressure and other diseases. Especially if they aren’t patentable. And minerals aren’t patentable. So there’s no money in them.

And the studies are few and far between.

But our friends across the pond in the UK just brought out a study, which backs up some older studies I’ve come across with some very, very interesting data.

It seems to show that high blood pressure as we get older may be the result of diet and not age.

This flies in the face of everything that people tell us about aging. But I’m here to tell you that a lot of what is considered aging is actually a lack of good stuff in our bodies.

As we get older we eat less magnesium, which leads to higher blood pressure.

Daily Magnesium intake in hypertensives is lower than the general population. Daily magnesium intake reduces with age.

These findings suggest that low Magnesium dietary intake increases the risk of hypertension.

So could it be that higher blood pressure as we age is not a factor of aging itself, but a change in diet and a lack of magnesium? Could it really be that simple? Let’s take a look at another bit of this study.

Magnesium (Mg) is a key factor in blood pressure regulation and our study suggests that not only can low dietary magnesium intake lead to hypertension but that worryingly, dietary magnesium intake is at lower than currently recommended levels across the board.

Is it as simple as magnesium? Yes and no. The body is super complex, but missing minerals can play huge keystone roles that everything else turns on. And magnesium is one of those minerals.

Supplementing with magnesium lowers blood pressure.

In this separate study they found that blood pressure was lowered with magnesium supplements. So you don’t even have to get it from food to get the good effects.

And supplementing for magnesium may be enough for many people to get off of the Big Pharma drugs for good. Which means all the nasty side effects get left behind as well.

Can we say HOO-RAH!

(don’t go off any prescriptions without talking to your doc first – I’m not a doc – I’m a researcher who cares about real health).

Our meta-analysis detected dose-dependent Blood Pressure reductions from magnesium supplementation.

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Magnesium also reduces inflammation in the body.

In a study done in Egypt, it was shown that magnesium lowers inflammation. And inflammation is the root cause of all kinds of health problems. Including asthma, heart disease and more.

When you reduce inflammation your health improves in nearly magical ways.

Supplementing with magnesium

And with nearly everyone low in magnesium, I think it makes sense to supplement with it. Especially since it does such good stuff – reduces blood pressure, reduces magnesium, and I haven’t mentioned this, but if you’re constipated it will be a godsend.

Just don’t take it in the pill forms. They often have heavy metals and other impurities.

They type of magnesium I take is a powder and it just stirs into any drink.

But… be careful how much magnesium you use.

The dose takes a little bit of experimenting.

Too much magnesium can actually give you diarrhea. (this is your fair warning!)

The way to take magnesium is to work up to it. Take a teaspoon first and see how that affects you. Then take a bit more. Your body will tell you when you’ve had enough by making it easy to go to the bathroom, but without diarrhea.

Magnesium is somewhat of a wonder mineral. And very, very few people have enough of it in their diet to meet even minimum government suggestions (which aren’t always enough).

If you have high blood pressure or other health problems you may want to give it a shot. Just watch your blood pressure if you are on blood pressure lowering meds, because magnesium can make your blood pressure TOO low in combo with the meds. So keep an eye on it and consult with your doc on when to get off the meds.

Can missing magnesium be causing high blood pressure? Yes. It’s time to stop accepting that it’s all about ‘getting older’ and start looking at the root causes.

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