It Might Be A Good Idea to Double Check Your Blood Pressure Before Going on Meds

If you go to your doc and they take your blood pressure and it’s high, they are immediately going to want to put you on medicine to bring your blood pressure down. Those prescription pads will come right on out before you can say lickety split.

But not so fast.

You may want to take it your blood pressure on your own in a different circumstances or consider alternative treatments before you start on meds.

Because sometimes your blood pressure can spike at the doctor’s office…

And then be fine otherwise, and you may not want to be on blood pressure lowering drugs anyway for a bunch of reasons, but ESPECIALLY not when when you don’t really need to lower your blood pressure.

It can be especially dangerous in that case. These meds, even if prescribed correctly, can make you faint, and if they are prescribed incorrectly can cause all kinds problems.

Blood pressure (despite what Big Pharma wants you to believe) isn’t a static thing.

It can rise and fall based on circumstances and life events. So don’t take that cuff as gospel truth, until you check things out for yourself.

(Now I’m not telling you not to follow your docs advice, just to be careful about blindly following anything).

There are a bunch of reasons that your blood pressure could spike ONLY at the docs, here are a few.

  1. Rushing to get there. Running or walking fast raises your heart rate and then your blood pressure.
  2. Having to pee. If you get to your doctor’s office and have to pee then ask if they need a sample and go.
  3. Caffeine. Energy drinks and other caffeinated beverages can cause pretty big temporary spikes in blood pressure, with the effects of energy drinks lasting longer.
  4. Sitting with your legs crossed. This interferes with circulation, so when at the docs the best bet is to sit with feet on the floor.
  5. Cold exam rooms. This constricts your blood vessels making the blood exert more pressure.

So if all these things can cause blood pressure to spike, then why the rush for the meds?

Because Big Pharma controls the medical industry, that’s why. And meds mean profit, especially life-long meds that you have to buy month after month after month. They aren’t interested in more natural cures or lifestyle fixes. They just want your money for their pills.

I was so angry about this that that’s why I started doing this research. I was tired of being controlled by the powers that be, and it turns out there are a lot of us out there…

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Even if your blood pressure really is high, you may want to think about alternative methods to lower it before going on meds.

And here’s why.

Blood pressure meds come with a whole host of side effects. Some of them pretty brutal.

They can include various male problems as well as light-headedness and fainting. Some guys also report feeling kind of numb in general. So if you can lower your blood pressure naturally, then it is worth a shot.

You may want to try Vitamin D3 instead.

(Remember, I’m a researcher and not a doctor – this is not medical advice)

Vitamin D3 is somewhat of a miracle supplement.

There is a large study done in Australia – not a randomized controlled trial – but still useful that shows that higher vitamin D levels correlate to greater health, and lower blood pressure.

Vitamin D3 has almost 0 side effects and is super easy to take.

For me, I take somewhere between 5000 and 50,000 units of D3 a day. It has so many good effects – not just lowering blood pressure.

I also always take it with some K2 – a small amount maybe 2 mg to 20 mg.

These two supplements really work together to clean out the arteries and give great health benefits. They are really quite amazing.

If it was me, I would do everything in my power not to go on blood pressure meds. The side effects are awful. I would make sure my blood pressure was actually high and try Vitamin D3 and K2 first, before anything else.

So if you’re diagnosed with high blood pressure, make sure you think about your options and what’s causing it before you end up on a lifetime supply of Big Pharma drugs.

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