Men who drink this have twice the muscle strength

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Men who drink this have twice the muscle strength

Sarcopenia is the technical name for the age-related loss of muscle mass and strength.

As we age, we tend to lose muscle and we have less ability to recover from workouts.

Muscle is more difficult to build, so protecting what we have becomes even more important.

One of the main reasons that elderly people end up in residential care is because they can’t get around – often due to lack of muscle and strength.

Coffee can prevent age-related loss of muscle and strength.

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These experiments were carried out by Chinese and Japanese scientists. Experimental Gerontology published the paper.

The study used two groups of relatively old mice – 27 months of age at the beginning of the study.

Each group of 12 mice was assigned to drink either water or coffee for four weeks, in addition to their normal food.

After the four-week period, some of the mice in either group were sacrificed to get samples of muscle tissue and markers of general inflammation. 

(Chronic inflammation erodes muscle mass).

The scientists compared the muscle weight of the animals’ hind limbs…

And they found that the mice who drank coffee had much larger muscles.

“Coffee treatment significantly increased the hind limb muscle-weight compared to controls.”

The large hind muscles of the rodents were 13% larger in the coffee group.

The general test of strength for rodents is a grip test (not a squat). 

But grip strength is a remarkably good indicator of overall strength in humans too.

The animals who got coffee had significantly stronger grip strength.

“Consistent with the effect of coffee on muscle mass, the coffee group had greater grip strength than the controls, suggesting that coffee improved the grip strength.”

Grip strength decreased in the animals drinking only water…

But in the coffee group there was absolutely no decrease in grip strength over time.

“…[in the control group], grip strength decreased after the treatment period compared to before, suggesting the progression of age-related atrophy in muscle function during this period. In contrast, no significant changes were observed within the coffee group.”

The paper also reported on muscle recovery in the mice treated with coffee.

In order to study muscle recovery, they injected the animals with a poison that destroys muscle tissue. 

A few days later, they compared the control animals and the coffee-treated animals.

The markers of muscle regeneration were increased in the animals who were drinking coffee.

“The number of Ki67 immunoreactive cells was greater in the coffee group than that in controls, suggesting a greater cell proliferation rate in the coffee group.”

Coffee can also help recovery from muscle damage.

“These results suggested that coffee treatment accelerated the regeneration of the injured skeletal muscles.”

One of the theories of age-related muscle loss is that it is partly caused by increased inflammation

This study measured some of the most important proteins involved in inflammation.

Coffee lowered all of the inflammatory proteins measured that are thought to be associated with muscle loss.

“The levels of inflammatory proteins were decreased in the coffee treated group compared to controls.”

Statistical analysis into these inflammatory proteins, muscle mass, and grip strength indicated that they are all very closely related.

Another theory about age-related muscle degeneration is that it is a failure of satellite cells. 

Satellite cells are important in building and maintaining muscle.

The study found that coffee led to higher levels of satellite cells.

“These results suggested that coffee enhanced the DNA synthesis of the proliferating satellite cells of the aged mice.”

Satellite cells are known to be activated by increased muscle load…

They are thought to be one of the factors involved in building muscle by lifting weights.

The study concludes that coffee shows many indicators of protecting against muscle loss and frailty in old age.

“In conclusion…coffee treatment increased the muscle weight [and] grip strength, regenerating capacity of injured muscles, and decreased serum pro-inflammatory mediator levels compared to controls in aged mice.”

Sometimes a rapid decrease in muscle loss can be related to processes other than aging. 

So you should see a healthcare professional about suspected advanced sarcopenia.

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Coffee treatment prevents the progression of sarcopenia in aged mice in vivo and in vitro