Men using this sensate technique are lasting 30 min or more

Remember the sex pioneers Masters and Johnson?

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Men using this “sensate” technique are lasting 30 minutes or more

For more than 20 years, I’ve studied the amazing and shocking sensate technique developed by Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson…

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You may have heard of them — they were 2 scientific pioneers in the world of sexual health in the 1960s.

This technique they developed is a method of enhancing sexual intimacy, sensuality, and pleasure through touch…

And I’ve tried sensate focus. In fact, I spent years studying and working with this technique.

And I tried teaching it to other men and to couples.

But sensate focus is tough to do the way Masters and Johnson intended…

Because Masters and Johnson studied sex in a clinical, scientific fashion.

They were doctors after all.

But I want to make sensate focus really easy…more fun, more instantly gratifying…

And I found this shortcut to sexual enlightenment…


How to use this special light to improve memory and mind power

Light is one of the most important but overlooked factors in human health and performance.

Most people know about the importance of sunlight because it provides essential vitamin D.

But other wavelengths are just as important and almost completely overlooked.

In particular, toward the other end of the visible spectrum, red and near infrared light have profound health giving properties.

These wavelengths carry out many amazing tasks – including removing nitric oxide from the mitochondria.

Nitric oxide blocks the use of oxygen in the production of cellular energy.

The removal of nitric oxide by these wavelengths is one of the most fundamentally beneficial effects an organism can ask for.

Being able to produce more energy means being able to perform better and being able to repair and reorganize the body more efficiently.

One of the most recent studies looking at these wavelengths showed that they can even improve memory.

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The human research was carried out at Sunderland and Durham Universities in the UK. The paper was published in Photobiomodulation, Photomedicine and Laser Surgery.

This research used light wavelengths in the range of near-infrared A.

This area of the light spectrum produces very little heat.

It’s very close to the visible red spectrum and further from the light spectrum which we generally know as infrared…

Which does produce a lot of heat.

(Near infrared A is more like invisible red light)

The research involved shining relatively low powered LEDs onto the skull so that the light energy would penetrate into the brain.

This is called transcranial photobiomodulation.

“We carried out a pilot study using near-infrared transcranial photobiomodulation therapy.”

The researchers were looking at the effect of this type of light therapy on memory and other aspects of mental performance.

The researchers recruited 14 healthy people over the age of 45.

They received 6 minutes of light therapy twice per day over a period of about a month.

14 LEDs were placed at different points on the skull.

The participants then went through a series of tests looking at the mental performance.

“The device was used for 6 minutes twice daily on age-matched middle-age subjects with normal intellectual function.”

The researchers used a series of computerized tests to assess memory and mental performance.

This battery of tests is approved by the FDA and widely used for these types of experiments.

“The US FDA approved computerized assessment tool ANAM was adopted to quantify a series of cognitive and motor activities.”

The researchers found remarkably significant increases in all of the parameters tested.

  • Near infrared light significantly improved memory.
  • Near-infrared light significantly improved mental processing speed.
  • Motor function was also significantly improved by the therapy.

“A significant improvement in motor function, memory performance, and processing speed was observed in healthy individuals receiving light therapy compared to the placebo group.”

This exact type of light therapy has been under investigation in Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease for a few years.

Researchers have shown remarkable improvements in animal models…

And they are now refining those methods in order to optimally treat humans.

The human skull bone is a little bit more difficult to penetrate than the skull of a rodent and dosing is exceptionally important in this context.

This research shows that red and near-infrared-A light therapy is not only beneficial for people with dementia…

But could also significantly improve performance in people with normal cognitive function.

Already, many people are experimenting on their own with red LEDs and even lasers to improve their mental and physical well-being.

But you don’t even need red light devices to get the benefits.

Sunlight provides lots of red and near-infrared-A light.

The old type incandescent bulbs also give out a significant amount of this type of light.

A couple of strong incandescent bulbs can be very beneficial for your overall health in the dark winter months.

More modern light bulbs strip out these wavelengths to save energy!

Light is absolutely essential for human health – and it’s needed for far more than vitamin D.

Light is essential for optimal energy production.

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This cheap white powder oxygenates the cells and KILLS cancer cells

Multiple studies show that cancer cells thrive in low-oxygen states…

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…so cancer cells hate oxygen the way a burglar in the night hates bright lights.

And this natural white powder — it oxygenates the cells according to a mouse study, making cells healthier and more resistant to cancer.

It’s like a spotlight shining directly onto every single one of your cells, protecting them and ready to act if any threat appears…

And you can get a pound of it for 89 cents or less at most grocery stores. You may even have some in your kitchen right now…

Here’s the cheap white powder that oxygenates the cells and KILLS cancer cells


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Effect of Transcranial Near-Infrared Light 1068 nm Upon Memory Performance in Aging Healthy Individuals: A Pilot Study