Men — should you cut back on sugar?

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Sugar is the devil, they say. But here’s what low sugar is really doing to men’s health and performance…

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Lower your risk of cardiovascular events just by eating one of these 5 foods

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Men — should you cut back on sugar?

High-fat diets are all the rage right now.

And every so-called guru hates on sugar.

The fad diets today go by lots of different names, but the basics are that you are supposed to eat a TON of protein and a lot of fat and no or very little carbs.

Especially sugar. Sugar — bad. Fat — good. Meat — good.

So they say…

These diets are a terrible idea in the long run – although you can get some fast results with them.

I would bet you that this popular “low-carb is good” mythology that pushes all these high-fat diets is probably WHY I get funny looks when I give men diet advice.

That’s because I normally tell people to eat lots of fruit and not very much fat.

And that pretty much flies in the face of every bit of diet advice out there right now.

But I’ve had man after man get their blood sugar under control and lose weight by doing this.

In fact, I’ve seen men completely reverse many health conditions with this simple eating plan.

That’s because these high-fat diets aren’t good for you and your body NEEDS sugar.

High fat diets turn off important cells called enteroendocrine cells in your body.

These cells tell your body when it’s full and they make you eat more if you’re not full.

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What are enteroendocrine cells?

There aren’t a lot of these in your gut, but they serve a very important function.

“These cells produce at least 15 different hormones to send signals to the rest of the body about gut movement, feelings of fullness, digestion, nutrient absorption, insulin sensitivity, and energy storage.”

These cells produce hormones AND they help tell your body when it’s full.

High-fat meals stress the enteroendocrine cells.

The problem occurs when you eat high-fat meals.

High-fat meals put stress on these enteroendocrine cells and silence them.

“The silenced cells change shape and experience stress in their endoplasmic reticulum, a structure that assembles new proteins. It seems that these enteroendocrine cells, which are specialized to synthesize and secrete proteins like hormones and neurotransmitters, become overstimulated and exhausted for a while.”

This means that your body will have a hard time telling if it’s full after you eat a high-fat meal.

High-fat meals trigger the Acinetobacter gut bacteria.

This happens because high-fat meals trigger the production of a bacteria in your gut called Acinetobacter.

You normally don’t have a ton of this type of bacteria in your gut.

But they multiply after you eat high-fat food.

“After screening through all the kinds of bacteria found in the gut, they saw that the silencing appeared to be the work of a single type of gut bacteria, called Acinetobacter. These bugs are normally less than 0.1% of the total gut microbiome, but they increased 100-fold after a high-fat meal and were the only bacteria able to induce the silencing effect.”

The multiplication of this bacteria is what induces the silencing effect of the enteroendocrine cells.

High-fat meals make you eat more.

Most people think that fat makes you fat because it’s calorie-dense.

And, while fat IS calorie-dense, part of why it makes you gain weight has nothing to do with the calories it contains.

It has to do with the fat making the enteroendocrine cells go silent.

“Since enteroendocrine cells are key players in digestion, the feeling of being full, and subsequent feeding behavior, this silencing may be a mechanism that somehow causes people eating a high-fat diet to eat even more.”

And you won’t even know it or feel full because your body is playing tricks on you.

The bottom line is that a diet that is high in fat just isn’t good for you.

It creates all kinds of problems with high blood fat – which causes internal inflammation.

And the internal inflammation sets you up for other diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, and dementia.

Eating a diet with lots of sugar from fruit is a much better idea – and in my experience it leads to better health.

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How to kick start your body into burning sugar and roll back to the clock to a teenage metabolism again

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Remember being a kid and being warm and full of energy all the time?

You’d go outside to play in the cold and wouldn’t even want your jacket.

It’s ‘cause as kids, we are always burning up… our bodies are constantly burning SUGAR.

YOUTH is sugar burning. Even scientists agree.

But as we age, our metabolisms get slow and cold, and instead of burning sugar for energy, the body starts burning fat…

And believe it or not, this is a BAD thing.

Do you know what eventually happens to men who only burn fat and not sugar?

Diabetes, low testosterone, “rockiness” problems, obesity, more age-related diseases, even cancer…

So a hot, fast sugar-burning metabolism is the key to remaining young and healthy no matter how old you are.

Here’s how to kickstart your body into burning sugar again naturally — something any man can do at home.


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