Men – prevent testicular damage from your cell phone

Men -- prevent testicular damage from your cell phone

Cell phones emit harmful radiation…luckily, you can use this vitamin to prevent the damage… 

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Men – prevent testicular damage from your cell phone

Cell phones have been in use for decades. 

But the health effects of cell phones has only recently begun to be properly investigated.

In the last few years, researchers have shown that cell phones can increase the risk of heart problems and thyroid problems.

Electromagnetic radiation from cell phones can also cause damage to the male reproductive system.

Now researchers have discovered that vitamin E could protect the testicles against cell phone radiation.

The possible protective effect of vitamin E on adult albino rat’s testes exposed to electromagnetic field emitted from a conventional cellular phone

The researchers did these animal experiments at the Anatomy and Embryology Department, Faculty of Medicine, Al- Azhar University, Egypt. The Egyptian Journal of Hospital Medicine published the results.

The research involved experiments conducted on 120 rats – divided into three groups.

They housed the first group of rats in an area that was free from high levels of electromagnetic radiation (EMF).

“Group 1 consisted of 40 rats. These rats were kept in the animal house away from any source of EMF.”

They exposed the second group of rats to electromagnetic radiation from cell phones. 

These rats had three hours of cell phone exposure per day.

“Group 2 (radiation group) consisted of 40 rats that were exposed to EMF emitted from mobile phones for 60 days.”

They exposed the third group to cell phone radiation as well, but they also supplemented these animals with vitamin E.

“Group 3 (radiation and vitamin group) were exposed to EMF emitted from mobile phones and simultaneously they received vitamin E, orally.”

The animals exposed to cell phone radiation showed major damage to the testicles.

“Electromagnetic field exposed rats showed testicular alterations.”

Cell phone radiation caused damage to the seminiferous tubules. 

These are the regions within the testicles that are responsible for producing sperm.

Damage to the seminiferous tubules could lower fertility.

“Exposure to electromagnetic radiation induced degeneration and atrophy in some seminiferous tubules.”

Within the seminiferous tubules are Leydig cells – these produce testosterone.

Damage to Leydig cell function leads to low testosterone.

Animals exposed to cell phone radiation had far fewer Leydig cells at the end of the experiment.

“Exposure to electromagnetic radiation highly reduced the number of Leydig cells.”

Further examination revealed a whole host of other damage to the testicles…

“…delaminated spermatogenic cells from the basement membrane, ruptured basement membranes of some seminiferous tubules, decreased spermatogenic layers and spermatogenic cells with highly reduced sperms in the lumen of seminiferous tubules…”

The results show that cell phone radiation could cause low testosterone and infertility.

The damage from cell phone radiation is dose-dependent.

“These abnormalities seem to be directly related to the duration of mobile phone use.”

But the animals that got the vitamin E supplements did not experience much of that of the damage.

“Testicular alterations were ameliorated by using vitamin E.”

The animals got vitamin E three times a week.

“Animals received vitamin E, 3 times/week, orally (two hours before exposure to EMF).”

The researchers believe that free radicals cause much of the damage from cell phone radiation.

These free radicals are rogue free electrons that travel around the body damaging cells and DNA.

Vitamin E is well known for its ability to clean up free radicals and prevent damage from radiation. 

We call this an antioxidant effect.

“The increased radiation-induced free radicals generation in testes might have been neutralized by vitamin E, as vitamin E is a chain-breaking antioxidant.”

Previous experiments looked at the effect of vitamin E on cell phone damage to the heart and liver.

Vitamin E seems to protect the body systemically against radiation from cell phones.

“Supplementation with vitamin E prevented 950 MHz EMF-induced oxidative damage of liver and heart.”

Minimizing cell phone radiation exposure seems like a good idea, too. 

Never carry your cellphone in your breast pocket — that’s too near your heart.

Don’t carry it next to your genitals.

And when not in use, cell phones should be kept away from the body.

Vitamin E supplementation seems like a good idea for men who have to use cell phones.

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner about treating and diagnosing health-related problems.

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