Men: Is this drug causing your erectile dysfunction?

Men: Is this drug causing your erectile dysfunction?

There is a whole class of medications that may be causing your erectile dysfunction.

Not only that, but these also are fairly unique in that

they cause low testosterone and low estrogen levels, along with severe erectile dysfunction.

And these medicines are very common too.

Men: Is this drug causing your erectile dysfunction?I’m not sure here whether the sustained action part really matters.

Sustained action drugs are drugs that are encapsulated so that they dissolve slowly while traveling the gut.

They may dissolve over a few hours, or eight hours, or immediately.

I don’t really believe in taking sustained action medications because they’re so unreliable and how quickly they dissolve.

But in any event, painkillers are a huge source of erectile dysfunction.

And if you’re a woman, you have to be aware that painkillers are probably also going to cause you a lot of problems… not just your husband.

This is because estrogen levels are lowered, and testosterone levels are down, in both men and women.

That means for men, erectile dysfunction, and low libido.

For women, it means low functioning and low libido.

What are opioids anyway?

These are some of them.

Pretty much any painkiller is an opioid:

Men: Is this drug causing your erectile dysfunction?The problem is that people take these for a fairly long time…and the ED sets in really fast.

They take them for long-term pain symptoms.

And so if you have ED or low libido, or you feel as a man that you don’t like your penis shrinking and your balls getting smaller, you may want to reconsider your use of these painkillers.

I don’t know why this is not a known side effect that has gotten more publicity.

It’s pretty bad for guys to have very low testosterone levels.

Eighty-seven percent of opioid-ingesting men who reported normal erectile function before opioid use reported severe erectile dysfunction or diminished libido after beginning their opioid therapy

If you have to take these pills, you have to recognize that your testosterone is going to be very low.

You may want to consider talking to your doctor about testosterone replacement therapy, and if you take TRT, then you may also need to have an aromatization inhibitor.

It all gets really complicated.

But the fact is, it’s best if you can do things that do not require you to be on these painkillers are very long.

And if you have ED and you’re on these painkillers, now you know why.




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