Men getting this procedure for a bigger penis – but is it safe?

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Is this something men should be thinking about? Or is there a hidden downside?

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Men getting this procedure for a bigger penis – but is it safe?

Have you seen the new Camaros? Boy, are they good looking cars.

There is this model called the ZL1 that come in white and black and has a grill that screams “muscle car” and masculinity.

Contrast that with a Prius, which is a well-engineered car and gets great gas mileage. But most people consider it “girly” or “feminine.”

It doesn’t have the kind of powerful looks or power under the hood of a Camaro.

Our ideas of what is feminine and what is masculine are part cultural and part genetically hardwired into our brains.

People like to say that “looks aren’t important.”

But I’m not sure that’s 100% accurate.

Looks ARE important (science says so)…

But that’s not the ONLY thing that make you attractive.

Facial Plastic Surgery in Men Enhances Perception of Attractiveness, Trustworthiness

More men are getting plastic surgery.

The plastic surgery market in the United States is big…

Especially considering that most of these surgeries aren’t medically necessary and have to be paid for out of pocket by the person getting them.

It used to be that men didn’t get much plastic surgery.

But that’s changing now, with men making up 15% to 20% of the market.

According to the study’s senior investigator, Michael J. Reilly, MD:

“In recent years, men in America have changed their social attitudes about ‘appearance maintenance’ from one bordering on narcissism to somewhere on a continuum of well-being, Reilly adds. Men are now 15-20% of the cosmetic surgery market.”

It’s making men objectively “more attractive.”

The men in this study gave the researchers permission to use their before and after photos to determine whether their attractiveness levels went up after the cosmetic procedures.

And the results were conclusive for this group of men.

Attractiveness levels did indeed go up.

Here are the results:

Researchers found that chin augmentation was the only procedure that did not have an effect on perceived attractiveness, masculinity, or personality. The authors believe this was due to the low number of study patients undergoing this procedure. The other procedures showed the following changes, among others:

  • Upper eyelid – increased likeability and trustworthiness
  • Lower eyelid – decreased risk-taking
  • Brow-lift – improved perception of extroversion and risk-taking
  • Face-lift – increased likeability and trustworthiness
  • Neck-lift – increased perceived extroversion and masculinity
  • Nose – improved attractiveness

But it’s not something I would do.

And I’m not a fan of penile plastic surgery either!

Many men are trying to make their penis look bigger through cosmetic surgery…

But I think the risks far outweigh the potential benefits.

Though, for some men, cosmetic surgery CAN be a way to get ahead in life…

If other people perceive you as being more likeable, more attractive, and more trustworthy – then it might be easier to do better in life.

However, this isn’t a path that I’m willing to take.

Cosmetic surgery and penile procedures come with big risks. And I’m not really sure we understand exactly what the side effects are yet.

Instead, I prefer to use some methods that I’ve developed and that man after man has told me make them more attractive and make their penis look bigger.

Another way to BE more attractive – that doesn’t involve surgery

Most men don’t know it, but some of the things they do in their everyday lives are probably making them less attractive to women and less able to be assertive at work.

For example, learning how to increase testosterone naturally can dramatically increase confidence and attractiveness.

It also doesn’t have the kinds of side effects that cutting into your body can have.

In fact, getting your body to up its natural testosterone production is one of the very best things you can do for yourself because it has lots of other health benefits.

The bottom line on cosmetic surgery for attractiveness

I’m always skeptical of procedures where doctors are using knives or injections of fake stuff and altering appearance that way.

Of course, there are some good reasons to have cosmetic surgery – including if you are a burn victim or have had a disfiguring accident.

But for most people, pursuing other avenues to feel and be more attractive is probably a better option.

And for goodness sake, please NEVER, EVER get any of these penis procedures done that claim to lengthen or create more girth.

They can really screw up your sensitivity and performance.

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