Men: don’t eat these oils if you want healthy, high T

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These oils raise estrogen while lowering T

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Men: don’t eat these oils if you want healthy, high T

Vegetable oils and fish oils contain similar types of fatty acids — known as polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids and male hormones are 2 of the most common topics I write about — and with good reason.

The unstable polyunsaturated fats are some of the most harmful foods people put in their body.

The list of diseases caused by polyunsaturated fats is as long as the list of diseases caused by low levels of male hormones in men.

But there is a critical area of overlap between these 2 issues — something which has received very little attention.

You see, the polyunsaturated fats block the androgen receptor — the cell receptor which receives male hormones and triggers their masculinizing effects.

The findings show that consuming lots of vegetable or fish oil can block the action of male hormones at the cell level.

Having high levels of male hormones like testosterone in your blood may not mean a whole lot if this testosterone can be used.

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The animal experiments were carried out at the University of Tokyo in Japan. The findings were published in Endocrinologia Japonica.

This research centres around the activity of the androgen receptor. This is the part of the cell which accepts male hormones from blood circulation.

Once the androgen receptor on the cell attaches to the male hormones, their activity begins.

Anything which blocks the androgen receptor prevents the masculinising and health giving effects of male hormones.

Prior research has shown that the polyunsaturated fats in vegetable oils and fish oils could block numerous hormones from binding to their respective receptors.

These experiments were carried out to see whether the same thing occurred with male hormones and the androgen receptor.

“Polyunsaturated fatty acids are known to inhibit the binding between hormones and hormone receptors. We studied the effects of these fats on the binding between the androgen receptor and 3H-R8118.”

3H-R1881 is simply a synthetic androgen.

It acts like testosterone on the androgen receptors but is more convenient for researchers to use in the lab.

Saturated fats had no effect on androgen binding.

These types of stable fats found in coconut oil, beef, and butter have masculinising effects. But they have zero effect on androgen receptor binding.

“The binding was not affected by saturated fatty acids such as palmitic acid towards stearic acid.”

But this was not the case for the unstable polyunsaturated fatty acids which constitute vegetable oils and fish oils.

These polyunsaturated fatty acids blocked this synthetic male hormone from interacting with the cell.

“Unsaturated fatty acids such as arachidonic acid and DHA inhibited the binding between androgen receptors and 3H-R1881.”

Arachidonic acid is the most common fat found in vegetable oils commonly used for cooking and food processing.

DHA is one of two primary fats found in fish oil supplements.

These polyunsaturated fats prevented masculinising hormones from having their effect on the cells because they could not bind properly.

The researchers discovered that the more arachidonic acid (vegetable oil) they used the worse the problem became.

“The inhibitory effect of arachidonic acid on androgen binding was dose dependent.”

Another experiment showed that cells seem to lose some of their androgen receptors when exposed to vegetable oil.

“Later analysis showed that the addition of arachidonic acid markedly decreased the number of binding sites of the androgen receptor.”

The experiments show yet another way that these unstable fats could cause serious health problems.

The male hormones like testosterone and DHT are not only essential for masculinity, they are also essential for general health.

The heart, the brain, the gonads, and the prostate are some of the organs which will be severely affected if the cells in those regions are not activated by the male hormones.

The androgen receptor is the last point of failure for male hormones — and something which has been massively overlooked in the last few years.

Vegetable and fish oil could be severely impairing health and masculinity by blocking your cells’ access to male hormones.

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Inhibitory effect of fatty acids on the binding of androgen receptor and R1881