Men: beware this popular treatment that causes hearing loss

Man chaning TV channel by remote control at home

Nobody is warning men about this…

—-Important Message—-

These “rockiness” treatments cause hearing loss in men — use this instead

Believe it or not, there are hundreds of men who suffer hearing loss — some just go totally deaf — after using “rockiness” drugs long term…

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The FDA tracks the cases, but you don’t hear much about them, do you?

Well, you know Hugh Hefner, right? The legendary Playboy mogul…

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He was open about taking this for years — you know the stuff that your doctor gives you that rhymes with “Niagara.”

And is it really a surprise, considering the lifestyle he lived?

Well Hefner was also forthcoming about his sudden sensorineural hearing loss…

He became totally deaf in one ear, the only way he could understand what anyone was saying to him…

…was if they leaned in really close to his good ear and spoke directly into it.

For Hef, it may have been worth it, but for most men, I’m not so sure…

I’ve found that this simple shower method works far better for “rockiness” problems than any pill — try it tonight


Men: beware this popular treatment that causes hearing loss

With even minor hearing loss, conversations in public places (crowded restaurants, bars, etc.) becomes difficult. 

When you have to ask people to repeat themselves, they get annoyed with you.

And you seem old.

So hearing loss is socially a real bummer.

And that’s not all…

Even listening to music is less enjoyable. 

And that’s why hearing loss is the 5th leading cause of disability. 

In adults, it can lead to feelings of alienation and withdrawal, and can cause depression.

And it doesn’t take much hearing loss to annoy other people and feel isolated.

Fortunately, a lot of hearing loss is fixable…and that’s what I want to talk about today in the remainder of this newsletter.

What causes hearing loss

Typically, experts will tell you that adult-onset hearing loss is irreversible or even a “genetic” condition. 

This perspective is outdated and does not take into consideration research on the topic. 

For instance, a higher intake of antioxidant vitamins, including vitamins C and E, have been associated with lower risks of hearing loss in the US general population. 

Free radicals can be induced by exposure to noise in concerts, a loud working environment, or more frequently, headphone use. 

Rockstars have even said that they feel headphone use during studio recording is more harmful than playing on a stage in front of a ton of loud amps. 

At any rate, headphones are less forgiving. Especially if there is an unexpected loud noise, the proximity to your eardrum can make it very dangerous.

Magnesium levels are correlated with hearing loss

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A recent 2019 study conducted between October 2016 and May 2018 among 3,267 participants in China revealed a negative association between serum levels of magnesium and hearing.

In other words, subjects with lower levels of magnesium had a tendency for hearing difficulties.

Higher whole blood levels of magnesium in this population were associated with lower hearing thresholds and risk of hearing loss.  – Cao et al. (2019)

A  third of the patients had speech-frequency hearing loss.

More than half had high-frequency hearing loss, which can go unnoticed because it doesn’t necessarily affect day-to-day occupations.

That’s because most of the important frequencies are in the middle of the spectrum. 

High-frequency hearing loss can be especially problematic for musicians and people who work in audio-related fields.

Does this mean that hearing loss can be reversed by taking magnesium?

Well yes and no. 

Magnesium supplementation may be therapeutic for many people and could certainly improve hearing, but it is unlikely to be a panacea. 

“Animal experiments have shown that magnesium supplementation could be therapeutic for noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL).” – Abaamrane et al. (2009) 

Hearing is linked to thyroid function and other neurological conditions, so it isn’t simply a matter of supplementing magnesium. 

As mentioned earlier, antioxidants are also an important therapeutic vector.

But magnesium supplementation is a good place to start for those looking to experiment and reduce the risks of future hearing loss.

—-Important Message for Men Who Want More Magnesium—-

Eat these food for more magnesium — naturally lowers blood pressure and improves blood flow (especially “down there”)

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Magnesium is super important in getting good “rockiness.”

A lot of men have a hard time getting enough magnesium through their diet. Most foods don’t contain much.

And gut issues prevent men from absorbing magnesium even when they consume enough.

The little amounts of magnesium that men do consume gets locked up in the hard outer layer of the bones. Where it can’t enter the cells and do its wonderful work.

So when you think of magnesium, think “relaxation.”

Because magnesium helps cells relax. Relaxed cells mean open, relaxed blood vessels.

Not stiff ones, but relaxed and opened ones.

Magnesium helps the cells and blood vessels relax for better blood flow.

So it can be tempting to turn to a supplement to get magnesium.

However… I’ve discovered a simple, natural food that gives men all the magnesium they need for better blood flow and better erections (also naturally lowers blood pressure).


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