Men are reversing erections problems using this simple herb

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This herb strengthens erections and extends a man’s lasting power

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Men are reversing erections problems using this simple herb

Ginseng is a widely used herbal remedy all across Asia.

If you ask anybody who knows anything about traditional Asian remedies, they will tell you that ginseng is only to be used in older people.

It has little to no effect in young people — but it can have potent benefits for older guys.

High-quality ginseng can lead to significant improvements in poor erections according to human research.

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The research was done at Kyung Hee University in Seoul, Korea. The findings were published in The Asian Journal of Andrology.

Ginseng is a common traditional remedy for problems that afflict older men.

It is particularly used male sexual problems like infertility and erections problems in Asia.

There are numerous different types of ginseng — and they don’t all have the same effects.

There are different medicinal compounds in each plant.

A few studies have shown that some types of ginseng can be useful for men with poor rockiness.

This study was designed to look at one type of ginseng in particular — mountain ginseng — to see if it had any benefits in poor rockiness.

“Well-controlled clinical studies of Korean mountain ginseng have thus far not been performed, except for a preliminary report that claimed an effect of mountain ginseng extract on male ‘limpness.’”

To find out more, the researchers recruited 143 men for an experiment. All of the men were suffering with erections problems.

The men were split into two different groups.

One group was given ginseng supplements and the other group were given an inactive placebo supplement.

Neither the participants nor the researchers knew who was getting the real supplement.

The men completed standard questionnaires regarding their performance in the bedroom before and after the two-month long supplement experiment.

“A double-blind, placebo-controlled study was conducted with 143 patients experiencing ‘poor rockiness’. Over the course of 8 weeks, one group took 1,000 mg of mountain ginseng twice a day, and the other group took 1,000 mg of placebo twice a day.”

The researchers analyzed the effects of this type of ginseng according to changes in the IIEF scores.

The IIEF is a standard questionnaire used to grade erections problems.

“The effects of ginseng were analysed using the Korean version of the IIEF questionnaire.”

The questionnaire is split into five different sections which rate different aspects of sexual performance in the bedroom.

The men taking ginseng had significant improvements in every aspect of sexual performance covered by the study.

“The scores on the five domains of the IIEF after medication were significantly higher than the baseline scores in the group treated with ginseng.”

This wasn’t a placebo effect — because the guys taking the placebo capsules showed no improvement.

“No significant improvement was observed in the placebo group.”

Scores improved, but most importantly the men were far more satisfied with their sex lives.

“‘Poor rockiness’ and overall satisfaction scores after ‘treatment’ were significantly higher in the mountain ginseng group than in the placebo group.”

You can see why high-quality ginseng is such a popular supplement for older guys in Asia.

The researchers concluded that mountain ginseng could be very useful in treating poor rockiness.

“‘Rockiness’ in the ginseng group significantly improved, suggesting that mountain ginseng could be used to improve ‘penile’ function in male patients.”

The other type of ginseng that has been shown to be effective in treating poor erections is called Korean ginseng.

“Korean ginseng is also effective in the treatment of male ‘rockiness problems’ and has been used as an alternative to medication.”

Ginseng is a very popular supplement — but the quality varies a lot.

Low-quality ginseng will have no noticeable effect.

If someone is going to test ginseng is important to get the right type and to find a high-quality ginseng product.

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Effects of tissue-cultured mountain ginseng (Panax ginseng CA Meyer) extract on male patients with erectile dysfunction