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Male movie stars using this method to get 100% erections every time

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This surprising milk choice speeds up a man’s metabolism

I have written before about the relationship between milk consumption and metabolic health.

People who consume more milk products are less likely to be diagnosed as having the metabolic syndrome.

Analysis of large datasets of human dietary patterns revealed that…

People who drink the most milk are 25% less likely to develop this cluster of metabolic issues.

Drinking milk is a great thing for most people.

But some do struggle with the type of protein in cow’s milk. A small number of people react badly to it.

Animal experiments have shown that goat milk, which has a less reactive protein, may be even more effective in staving off metabolic issues.

Goat milk decreased body fat, prevented liver damage, and improved glucose tolerance.

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These animal experiments were recently carried out at Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Médicas y Nutrición Salvador Zubirán in Mexico City. The findings were published in The International Journal of Molecular Sciences.

In these experiments, mice were fed a high-fat diet in order to cause metabolic problems.

These problems include increased body weight, fat gain, glucose intolerance, increasing fat cell size, and liver damage.

Some groups of mice were also given some goat’s milk alongside their high-fat, unhealthy diet.

The researchers wondered whether the many beneficial components of goat milk…

…could provide metabolic protection in the mice in the same way cow’s milk does in humans.

The researchers used milk from different groups of goats fed different diets.

Although all goat’s milk worked just the same in the end.

“We evaluated the effect of milk from goats fed different diets on metabolic alterations in mice fed a high-fat diet.”

The researchers found remarkably protective effects against the high-fat diet in the mice given goat milk.

Mice consuming goat’s milk alongside their unhealthy diet gained less body weight and less fat.

“The incorporation of goat’s milk in the diet decreased body weight and reduced body fat mass.

The experiment also showed that there was less swelling of the fat cells in mice given goat milk.

Swelling of fat cells (adipose tissue hypertrophy) is one of the main reasons why overweight people find it difficult to become very lean again.

“Incorporation of goats milk in the diet prevented adipose tissue hypertrophy.”

The researchers did not just find outward signs of improved metabolic health.

Blood tests revealed that mice given goat milk were better able to control their blood sugar.

“Interestingly, goats milk in the diet improved glucose tolerance.

The liver is another well-known target for metabolic problems caused by high-fat diets.

This type of eating causes damage to the liver called hepatic steatosis…

It is the process which causes non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and more severe liver problems.

Liver damage caused by the high-fat diet was inhibited by the addition of goat milk.

“Incorporating goats milk in the diet also reduced hepatic steatosis in mice fed a high-fat diet.”

The researchers found that those mice given goat milk were using more energy and they had less inflammation.

“These effects were associated with an increase in energy expenditure and reduced inflammatory markers.

This research, alongside the previous data on cows milk shows that both types of milk can have profound effects on metabolic problems.

“Goats milk can be considered a non-pharmacologic strategy to improve the metabolic alterations induced by a high-fat diet.”

The researchers even calculated the human equivalent of goat’s milk used in this study.

“The equivalent daily human intake dose of 1.4 to 2.8 glasses (250 mL per glass/day) of fresh goat milk for an adult of 60 kg.”

That is about 20 to 40oz per day for the average American man who weighs about 200lbs.

And remember, there is plenty of research showing that for most people, cow milk is just as good.

—-Important Message for Men Who Don’t Drink Milk—-

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Association between Milk Consumption and Metabolic Syndrome among Korean Adults: Results from the Health Examinees Study's Milk Intake Prevents Obesity, Hepatic Steatosis and Insulin Resistance in Mice Fed A High-Fat Diet by Reducing Inflammatory Markers and Increasing Energy Expenditure and Mitochondrial Content in Skeletal Muscle