Making this one switch can give you perfect blood sugar for life

man checking blood sugar level

Just this simple tweak can prevent life-long diseases from happening to you, even if you’re genetically predisposed…


A lot of men think that just because their father or mother or grandfather had a certain disease, that they are destined to get it too.

And sometimes that is the case — but did you know it can be reversed?

That’s right. One simple tweak can literally change your genes.

And protect you from lifelong chronic diseases like diabetes.

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Making this one switch can give you perfect blood sugar for life

With the decoding of the human genome, we started to think of risk factors for disease differently. 

Many diseases, like Alzheimer’s and diabetes, started to be seen as genetic.

It started to seem like your genes were your destiny and that there wasn’t a whole lot you could do about it.

And there IS a genetic component to diseases like this. 

But if your mother, grandfather, and great uncle all had diabetes it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get it too.

New research is showing that you can control a lot of your own risk factors EVEN WITH a genetic predisposition to a disease. 

That means you don’t have to take what’s in your genes as your ultimate reality.

In most cases, you have way more control than you think.

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Diabetes risk factors

Current thinking in much of the medical community says that our genes determine our destiny.

“Because we are born with our genes, it might be possible to pinpoint early in life who has a high chance of developing diabetes during their lifetime,” said principal investigator Professor Brian Ference of the University of Cambridge, UK, and University of Milan, Italy.

But in a study done by the University of Cambridge in the UK and the University of Milan, Italy they looked at genetic, inherited risk for diabetes. 

They also looked at risk from BMI (body mass index) to see how they influenced each other, and how each one influenced a person’s chances of developing diabetes.

“We conducted this study to find out if combining inherited risk with current body mass index (BMI) could identify people at the highest risk of developing diabetes. Prevention efforts could then concentrate on these individuals.”

What the researchers found surprised them.

BMI increased risk for diabetes much more than the genetic component.

And the people with the highest BMI had an 11 times HIGHER risk of developing diabetes! 

Those in the highest BMI group (average 34.5 kg/m2) had an 11-fold increased risk of diabetes compared to participants in the lowest BMI group (average 21.7 kg/m2). The highest BMI group had a greater likelihood of developing diabetes than all other BMI groups, regardless of genetic risk.

That is so significant. And I wish doctors were talking more about it earlier before people were at such high risk.

Interestingly, this threshold of increased risk seems to happen as soon as you go over the high BMI range.

The investigators then used statistical methods to estimate whether the likelihood of diabetes in people with a high BMI would be even greater if they were overweight for a long period of time. They found that the duration of elevated BMI did not have an impact on the risk of diabetes.

That means that you don’t have a lot of time once you are over the threshold to get things back to the right level. 

But if you aren’t at a high BMI, then prevention will help keep you from getting diabetes.

The good news is that BMI is something that is largely under your own control.

Most men can pretty easily shed fat when they have the right system to do so. 

Unfortunately, most of the info out there on how to get to a good BMI is just junk and can do more harm than good.

What I recommend is a high-carb, low-fat program.

Most guys will be able to correct their BMI with ease on this diet.

Remember that most health conditions you have a fair degree of control over and you CAN influence the health you have. 

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