Lowering this one hormone lets you get erections again right after coming

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Keep this hormone level low and the refractory period will be next to nothing!

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Lowering this one hormone lets you get erections again right after coming

When it comes to sex, guys are at a distinct disadvantage.

Typical wisdom says that we have to rely on what our penis wants to do way too much.

And with most types of sex we also have to wait to go for “round 2” because of our bodies’ refractory period.

Both of these things are bunk.

You actually can have intercourse anytime whether you are soft or firm.

I know it sounds crazy, but it happens to be 100% true and I’ve taught 1000s of guys how to do it.

And you don’t have to have a refractory period (or downtime between intercourse sessions). Ever.

In fact, you can be in a state of being always ready. We’ll get more into that in a bit.

First let’s look at why guys have to wait for “round 2” in the first place.

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The reason may not be what we think.

When a male ejaculates, he usually has to wait for a period of time before he can get another boner.

This isn’t a phenomenon that’s unique to humans. It happens to all kinds of male creatures.

The current scientific thinking on this is that the refractory period (or having to wait after an ejaculation to get another boner) is due to the hormone prolactin being released in the body.

Some studies have shown that prolactin is released around the time of ejaculation in humans and rats. And since the refractory period starts right after ejaculation, prolactin seemed like a good candidate. Also, chronic abnormally high levels of prolactin are associated with decreased sexual drive, anorgasmia and ejaculatory dysfunction. Finally, treatment with ‘treatments’ that inhibit prolactin release in situations of chronically high prolactin, reverse sexual dysfunction.

There was a lot of evidence pointing to this being the cause.

So some researchers from the Champalimaud Foundation in Portugal wanted to figure out the biological mechanisms that made the refractory period happen.

What the researchers found came as a surprise.

Before I get into the research I want to point out that this is a single study and it was done on mice, not humans.

But it’s interesting and it shows that what we thought was happening may not be exactly what is going on.

The team started with different types of mice, some that had short refractory periods and some that had long ones that lasted several days.

They increased prolactin levels before the animals became sexually aroused and decreased prolactin levels after sexual activity.

But it didn’t make ANY difference in the refractory period of the mice. None at all.

“If prolactin was indeed necessary for the refectory period, males without prolactin should have regained sexual activity after ejaculation faster than controls”, Valente points out. “But they did not.”

That means that there is probably a different role for prolactin and something more complex causing the male refractory period.

But the researchers don’t know what that is quite yet.

Or maybe it is prolactin and mice are just different from humans.

“Our results indicate that prolactin is very unlikely to be the cause”, says Lima. “Now we can move on and try to find out what’s really happening”, she concludes. 

I’m sure that research will eventually figure out what’s going on here. But the reality is that men don’t have to have a refractory period at all.

I’ve taught thousands of men a technique called Nirvana Sex that eliminates the refractory period.

Nirvana Sex lets guys be “always ready on demand” and also helps men heal from erections problems and other sexual issues.

It’s pretty amazing how well it works.

My partner and I use the Nirvana Sex technique and we have the best sex of our lives.

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