Lowering cholesterol has no beneficial effects

Lowering cholesterol has no beneficial effects

Virtually nothing is as profitable as the statin medications have been for the drug companies.

Statin medications have brought drug companies over $100 billion.

And they continue being super profitable as the drug companies create new versions of the old.

Then they get them patented and peddle them to doctors who don’t know better.

Since the doctors don’t know better, they prescribed these to their patients.

As a result, many people are taking medications that are harmful.

The big reason why these medications are harmful is that they cause liver problems and a host of side effects.

But the other reasons these medications are harmful is that they lower cholesterol levels.

And lower cholesterol levels mean higher mortality rates.

It’s been known for several decades.

But doctors keep trying to lower people’s cholesterol levels.

Except for the so-called supposedly “good” cholesterol, the HDL.

The study doesn’t show any support for lowering cholesterol to be a good idea.

Lowering or raising cholesterol levels would be expected to have a huge benefit on health if there was something to it.

Let’s look at the facts.

Researchers at Yale performed this study.

They interviewed roughly 1000 people who are age 70 years old or higher.

And then they followed these 1000 people for four years.

And surprise surprise!

The people with cholesterol over 240 were more likely to be alive four years after the study began.

The people in the lowest cholesterol group were about as likely to be alive as the high cholesterol group.

There was NO difference at all.

Cholesterol had NO EFFECT on whether people were surviving four years after the study began.

The researchers were STUNNED!

They report rather sadly:

Our findings do not support the hypothesis that high cholesterol or low HDL are important risk factors for all-cause mortality, coronary heart disease mortality, or hospitalization for myocardial infarction or unstable angina in persons older than 70 years.

You see, all along the cholesterol myth that lowering cholesterol would lower heart disease was nothing but a theory.

Or, as they say in this study, it was a “hypothesis.”

For decades, the scientific community has known this theory to be false.

And yet stupid doctors work with profit greedy drug companies to prescribe men more and more medications that harm them.

I have other studies that show how lowering cholesterol actually increases the chances of getting cancer or dying early.

High cholesterol is extremely protective.

Although, this study shows that there is really no difference between high cholesterol and low cholesterol.

If you’re smart, you won’t be taking drugs lower your cholesterol.

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