Lower your risk of heart disease by 60% with this steaming technique

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It works through mitochondrial uncoupling which doubles energy production

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Lower your risk of heart disease by 60% with this steaming technique

Saunas have been used to optimize health for thousands of years.

The ancient Greeks and Romans incorporated saunas into their daily lives.

The Mayan civilization of the Americas also developed the use of saunas independently.

These days, saunas are still widely used around the world from Finland all the way to Korea.

Studies have shown that saunas can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease — by up to 60%.

Saunas lower blood pressure, accelerate recovery and boost brain function.

A number of theories have been proposed to explain the mechanisms behind the benefits of saunas.

I believe that saunas improve health by increasing energy production.

Every aspect of your health depends on your body’s ability to produce enough energy to preserve that function.

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This human research was carried out at Brigham Young University in Utah.

The paper was published in the Journal of Applied Physiology.

Your body is full of tiny engines called mitochondria.

These mitochondria turn sugar and fat into raw energy, something called ATP.

This raw energy is used to fuel your body and maintain your health.

So the health of your entire body depends on the health of the mitochondria.

Now, the mitochondria have a number of settings or gears.

The lower gears provide less energy — they might keep you alive for a while but you’ll be sick and tired.

The higher mitochondrial gears can really accelerate recovery and boost longevity.

The “top gear” — the turbo setting — is something known as mitochondrial uncoupling. 

By triggering mitochondrial uncoupling we can increase energy and massively improve health.

Now, a number of studies indicated that heat could improve mitochondrial energy production.

So this study was designed to see if and how this happens.

They applied heat to the large muscles of the upper leg. Penetrating, deep heat — the same as you would get from a sauna.

The researchers repeated the heat treatments every day for six days.

Then they carried out tests to see exactly what was going on inside the muscles.

They found that the application of heat was having a profound effect on the mitochondria.

“We found the first evidence that mitochondrial adaptation can be achieved in human skeletal muscle in response to repeated exposures to heat.”

The researchers found that heat was able to increase mitochondrial uncoupling — turbo-boosting energy production.

“We observed augmentation of uncoupled respiratory capacity.”

Deep heat — which can be achieved by various types of saunas, infrared lights, or by sitting close to a real fire — increases cellular energy production.

Cellular energy production is the fundamental unit of health.

“We report, for the first time, positive mitochondrial adaptations in human muscle following recurrent heat stress.”

Turbo boosting energy production by mitochondrial uncoupling used to be seen as something harmful.

But over the last decade, researchers have discovered that this is a natural and healthy process.

“Uncoupling was originally considered a mitochondrial dysfunction, but the identification of a natural uncoupling protein suggests that the process could be involved in many other biological processes.”

In the last couple of years, many researchers are looking toward boosting mitochondrial uncoupling to treat disease.

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Researchers at the University of Brussels recently published a paper on the potential implications for mitochondrial uncoupling.

Their article was published in the journal Cells.

Their paper summarizes some of the common, chronic diseases which may be mitigated by mitochondrial uncoupling.

“We show that mitochondrial uncoupling could be used to treat several human diseases, such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases, or neurological disorders.”

There are many studies showing potential benefits of saunas and other heat treatments on all of the above diseases.

But this is really just the tip of the iceberg — almost all health problems can be improved significantly by boosting energy via mitochondrial uncoupling.

Stay warm — and get hot every once in a while!

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Repeated exposure to heat stress induces mitochondrial adaptation in human skeletal muscle


Mitochondrial Uncoupling: A Key Controller of Biological Processes in Physiology and Diseases