Lower your pressure, protect your prostate?

Lower your pressure, protect your prostate?

Lowering your pressure this way shrinks an enlarged prostate and reverses other prostate problems.

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Lower your pressure – protect your prostate?

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is the medical term for enlarged prostate.

Symptoms of an enlarged prostate include frequent urination, trouble urinating, lack of bladder control, urinary tract infections, and kidney disease.

Enlarged prostate can affect half of men in their 50s – and the vast majority of men in their 80s.

The cause of enlarged prostate is still a topic of debate.

And some of the treatments have severe side effects.

This study shows that a procedure to lower the pressure within the reproductive system can eliminate enlarged prostate and its symptoms.

Reversal of benign prostate hyperplasia by selective occlusion of impaired venous drainage in the male reproductive system: novel mechanism, new treatment

This team of researchers carried out their human study at the Andrology and Interventional Radiology Unit, Mayanei HaYeshua Medical Centre, Israel. The First International Journal of Andrology published the results.

Scientists accuse a number of different hormones of causing enlarged prostate.

However, the evidence is far from complete.

“No causal relation between testosterone levels and BPH has been found.”

So this study took a different view.

They looked for non-hormonal changes in the reproductive system. And they found something…

“We found that in all enlarged prostate patients the one-way valves in the vertically oriented spermatic veins are destroyed.”

A varicocele is an enlargement of the veins of the scrotum – and 20% of men have them.

All the men in this study had varicoceles.

The men had problems with the valves that control blood flow around the reproductive system – and these valve problems were showing up as varicoceles.

Researchers found that these valve problems were causing a massive increase in pressure in the reproductive system.

“Veins are destroyed causing elevated pressure – some 6-fold greater than normal – in the male reproductive system.”

The pressure from the faulty valves and damaged veins was backing up into the prostate.

“The elevated pressure propagates to all interconnected vessels leading to higher pressure in the prostate.”

Scientists believe that benign enlarged prostate (BPH) is caused by pressure.

(At least in some cases…)

“Consequently, the prostate is exposed to: (i) increased venous pressure that causes hypertrophy; (ii) elevated concentration of free testosterone causing hyperplasia.”

Testosterone was massively elevated. But it seems that the pressure valve fault was the cause.

The doctors performed a procedure to relieve the pressure in the reproductive system, hoping it might affect the prostate.

“We have treated 28 benign prostate hyperplasia patients using a technique that restores normal pressure in the venous drainage system.”

The procedures were effective in relieving the elevated pressure within the reproductive system.

“The back-pressure and the backflow of blood from the testicular to the prostate drainage system were eliminated.”

The study found that relieving pressure quickly decreased the size of the prostate gland.

“Once the back-pressure was eliminated, a rapid reduction in prostate volume took place.”

All of the reported symptoms of enlarged prostate disappeared quickly as the gland shrunk to its normal size.

“With the rapid reduction in prostate volume, a regression of prostate symptoms took place.”

The study discovered elevated pressure from damaged veins (varicoceles) causes enlarged prostate.

“Benign prostate hyperplasia develops due to an impairment of the testicular venous drainage system in the erect posture of the human.”

It seems that many of the theories of prostate enlargement have been incorrect.

Many of these damaging treatments have led men to suffer unnecessarily.

Testosterone (and probably other androgens) build up because there is a buildup of pressure.

Pressure (not male hormones) seems to be the cause of enlarged prostate.

You should always consult a healthcare professional about diagnosing and treating health conditions.

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