Liposuction in a jar – Painless flab loss

Liposuction in a jar - Painless flab loss

Forget dieting, calories. Enter a new world where you can lose that belly fat and regain your stamina and manhood without painful diets or being hungry…

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Liposuction in a jar – Painless flab loss

For guys who look more like Homer Simpson than Arnold Schwarzenegger, it’s tempting to want to get rid of that beer belly all at once.

And I can’t blame you.

So the methods that plastic surgeons and “instant” weight loss places promote seem like a dream come true.

But most methods for dropping weight quickly can backfire big time.

Whether you’re looking at gastric bypass surgery or liposuction, there can be some seriously negative side effects to weight-loss-by-surgery.

And these side effects aren’t always clearly disclosed by the people looking to make money off the procedures.

In fact, usually those side effects are pretty well hidden.

The practitioners cherry-pick their best results for their full-color brochures.

But the long-term effects of these procedures often suck.

So buyer beware.

Understand what you are getting into before you pull that trigger.

Plastic surgeons peddle liposuction as a “miracle cure” – but it’s not.

This study looked into the long-term repercussions of liposuction.

Liposuction does seem like a pretty attractive proposition.

You go into the plastic surgeon’s office, and you come out thin…

Your beer gut is gone, extra weight (such as “man boobs”) is sucked out, and you feel (or at least look) younger and thinner.

While you do get immediate weight loss with liposuction – after all they are sucking fat out of your body – the long-term effects can be frustrating.

Especially when you don’t expect them. And…

“Current data does not support a long-term weight reduction following liposuction.”

The reason for this lack of long-term results seems to be a feedback loop built into our system.

It wants to keep your body at the same weight that it was before the surgery.

So… once you lose weight via liposuction you’ll typically regain it all back over the long term.

Often you’ll gain back MORE than you were carrying before.

“The removal of body fat reduces the weight in the short term but also seems to trigger feedback mechanisms, which cause body fat and weight regain in the long term.”

You don’t regain the same fat, but your body is a master at compensation.

Unless you fix the underlying conditions that caused you to gain weight in the first place, your body will try to keep you in a state of homeostasis.

Meaning it wants to keep you at the same place you were before the procedure.

Your body compensates by adding what is called visceral fat.

Visceral fat is dangerous, because it’s located in and around your organs.

This type of fat can be particularly dangerous to your health. Worse than what you had before.

“Abdominal liposuction does not induce regrowth of fat, but it does trigger a compensatory increase of visceral fat, which is effectively counteracted by physical activity.”

There is something very important to notice in that quote.

It is saying that the weight gain or bounce-back effect after liposuction can be counteracted by physical activity – otherwise known as exercise.

Thank heavens.

Instead of surgical procedures, try this in the first place.

This is the crazy thing.

With a moderate amount of regular physical activity every day, you don’t need to even consider liposuction.

You can lose weight with just the physical activity alone.

Which you’re going to need after lipo anyway, when the fat comes back.

Physical activity doesn’t have to be strenuous to work.

In fact, most studies that I’ve read indicate that 10 minutes of light physical activity a day is effective.

Things like using the stairs, doing household chores, or walking your dog work really well.

It doesn’t have to be “exercise” per se.

Just try to add physical activity to your daily routine.

You’ll want to plan a time to do it every day. If you don’t plan a time it’s not going to happen.

Before you consider weight loss by surgery, make sure you understand the side effects and the long-term potential of regaining weight.

You’re risking a lot of money for a not-permanent solution – and possibly risking some serious health complications.

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1. Is non invasive laser liposuction a safe process?
Men are more often doing liposuction these days than ever before. I sometimes get a question about, can a man undertake the new, noninvasive laser liposuction? Is the laser liposuction really a safe process?
Regardless of the type of liposuction,  there are dangers with removing fat. Oftentimes, the body fights back. One study done in the medical school in St. Louis, found that men who had liposuction were no healthier even if they were thinner.  So-called metabolic endpoints, measurements of things like triglyceride levels and inflammation, were no better after the liposuction than before.
I advise men to improve their metabolism rather than undergo this laser liposuction given the lack of benefit and possible harm.

2.  What are some liposuction alternatives?
There are some great alternatives to liposuction. For example, losing fat through eliminating the CAUSE of obesity and the cause of being overweight.  The cause of being overweight is frequently hormonal. A man’s metabolism falls and become slower and lower, as inflammation increases in his body. The man’s testosterone falls, as does DHEA and DHEA-S, as well as many other androgens.
At this point, the man often gets erectile dysfunction and finds that he cannot get rid of the fat.
The solution oftentimes is reversing this metabolic decline which can give a man decades and decades of not only being a reasonable weight, and being healthy, and also having an excellent sex drive and sexual performance.

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